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  1. I know what you meant, but that still doesn't have anything to do with this. EP isn't blocked off, it's still accessible if you have a truck and a trailer.
  2. ^ I don't get what a collision zone has to do with this?
  3. I know a kick should go first, but this never happens in game. I did drive into EP with my car and due to excitement I didn't read all the rules, but I received an immediate 2 hour ban, not a kick.
  4. Locking the thread with feedback is only making yourself dig deeper. Next time move it or warn users.

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. gwait


      And what are you trying to imply with 'I wonder what a mod would say about this status', are you sucking up to become one of the staff members?

    3. gwait


      I think if it broke any rules, it would have already been locked or removed. But considering that a moderator has already replied to it, I think it's within the given rules. It's not like we're allowed to discuss something anymore.

    4. marco6158


      Well, you're still free to open a thread like HumanWolf said in the Help section or in the General Discussion section.

      Going to lock this to avoid things getting worse.

  5. ^ Noone has ever stated that they wanted to keep the trolls. The thing is, few of the banned players like the game, and have no intention of trolling, yet admins class them as a troll (a troll deliberately tries to ruin someone's experience). For example, the guy in the video above, should not be called a troll, since there is no evidence of him deliberately ruining one's experience; he does not ram into anyone straight on, does not cut them off and does not stand still to block traffic. His driving style might not be appropriate, but this in no way indicates him as a troll, and he should not be banned this long for it. TL;DR - People asked to ban trolls, not the regular players who try to be as realistic as possible.
  6. ^ (I can't believe we're not allowed to use an actual popular forum feature, the quote #bringbackquotes) Hold on a minute, 170 on a highway? Noone on earth thinks this will end well in any situation. Also, to be fair, in Europe (or in the Netherlands atleast) it's not illegal to stay on the left lanes, but it's recommended not to do so and you can get pulled over to be warned. All you had to do was honk your horn, flash your fog lights or ask in chat for them to move (this probably wouldn't work since, well, 170km/h?)
  7. ^ So donations (sent by the community) aren't used for the servers but instead the developers' private lives?
  8. ^ Everyone here is or should be above 13. Like this, is this really worth a month ban? http://prntscr.com/a2x02t
  9. They are indeed not allowed, but they are still able to do so.
  10. I did not say that it was not an insult. You're both taking the wrong context. One person must be extremely (couldn't express it hard enough) sensitive in order to feel offended by the word idiot. It's just not worth a perm ban. You do not tell me that you have never called someone either of words in earlier posts. TL;DR: At this rate, the playerbase will eventually ''die'' because of the amount of harsh punishments for the lightest things.
  11. ''Idiot'' isn't really an insult, it's one of the weakest insults and it is nonaggressive.
  12. EDIT: It turned out to be my Xbox 360 controller's thumbstick which was stuck. It has been solved now.
  13. Mod Version: Controllers Used: Driving Force GT Description of Issue: The camera keeps turning slowly by itself. The first time it happend as soon as I spawned in the server, the second time it happend after like a few minutes of being in-game and driving. How to reproduce: Unknown. It's the first time this occured for me. Screenshots / Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDGkbBB6NcQ&feature=youtu.be
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