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  1. would of been a great guide, but the truckers mp forum theme is in Dark so it make it impossible to follow text been black until they load themes changes incorporated
  2. Bangermsuk

    Cars in ETS2

    I DRIVE CARS MYSELF, but the only difference between me and the trolls drivers that i leave the speed limiter on. has i find it a lot more controllable.and some of the speed limits ingame are stupid!! most european countrys don't have speeds of >100 kmh in there country.so i assume it the whinging people out there have begged there way into another game just to spoil it for others.
  3. Suggestion Name: Hard shoulder checking/ traffic lights auto kick after (2 infraction) Is there anything that can be done for trucks that overtake on the hard shoulder, or emergency lane. via Admin can't always be behind you. and trucks overtaking on the wrong side is getting rife. Suggestion Description: just had 2 near miss of trucks with excess speeding come up the left side of me in England Area. and also the opposites in Europe. can we maybe stop users from disabling the checkbox in options for speed limiter/ traffic lights offences before they join the server. (disabled check boxes). After all they are supposed to obey the server rules. also with Traffic lights enforcement would be nice. i am constantly stopping at traffic lights. could we implemented a Force kick for traffic lights infringements. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1981261349 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1981261303 Why should it be added?: it a general idea to get people to obey the rules of the server. we are getting to many trucks that run pasted them along with hard shoulder implemented it will hopefully make people less prone to hit trucks on intersections and a general calm down attitudes to running the gauntlet.
  4. Are you guys using NVidia chips sets. if so try exiting Ge force experience. this seems to cause some of the problems. AMD drivers I can't help ya.
  5. me too. it was all fine last time i played no problem with the ferries. today i added the world of trucks connection, no longer can travell into europe. or is this a brexit joke.
  6. NO, lemmurmur only if you try to added blue lights to your pilot car, will you get kicked. added the orange bar will be fine
  7. yes, but you can still buy/drive the police car in offlline .just remember to save the truck profile first, without the police car.and one with the police car. has I said b4 you selected a truck first wait a bit till you get remobed from server and the buy the police car/ or skoda car from the truck dealers.the save that profile while in offline mode with the cars.
  8. you just leave your truck on mp mode , wait a few mins and you will be removed from server.but not the game
  9. I tried the police car offline, and I must say it good but the Horn needs to be improved. a siren would be better that the standard horn.is that possible, the pilot car,also needs a few changes, the rear looks like a standard car. when I sure the car would have a board or lights at the rear too or orange flags
  10. my truck had 0 fuel. has the message came up.the engine switch off.but i could still go at 50 mph even up a slight incline didn't slow the truck down,i reached the fuel station which was roughly 2-4 miles away.
  11. tonight : 17/dec/2014 Release version :0.1.1.r3 alpha game /steam version : 1.14.02 08:00 pm to 10pm the story. travelling to Geneva with a trip time of 12+ hrs, i started to run out of fuel. so i waited for it to run dry and let it coast onwards. to my surprise the trucked started to do 50 mph. without any slow down,(didnt touch brakes) couldn't take picture of fuel gauge has that been disabled while moving to the next fuel station truck iveco Stratis 550 Clutch Automatic is this a bug with mp or is this scs bugs?
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