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  1. Haha truck go brrmmmm. It reminds me of family vacations when I was smol, I enjoyed long road trips so this is equally enjoyable to me.
  2. Occasional and tolerable swearing is not a problem imho. The issue is excessive swearing if someone goes for a full rant or insulting spree but that can be handled by simply filing a report, so I see no real purpose of automuting.
  3. Don't you just love it after a few hours of driving to lean back and cut and upload all the reports of the day? *_*

  4. I use the G29 because it has a lot of buttons so you can easily reach everything you need, like parking brake, lights, horns, engine toggle, trailer, indicators, shift toggle and even a d-pad for looking around. However one big issue I'm having which G27 does better is the G29 not having any buttons on the shifter, which means that all your buttons are on the wheel and if you want to toggle gears while going around a corner it's all upside down and mirrored so it requires a bit of fiddling. To be perfectly honest I think using G29 plus a xbox controller on the side for some rudimentary fi
  5. Fitting name... but who has let this guy become admin? 😐



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. DerAmpelmann


      To add, during the worst times in busy areas you see an incident every 10 seconds, if not more frequently. You have to act quick, if you want to keep up and catch everyone. It increases the risk of mistakes like this significantly.

    3. Rincewind


      I just noticed that the truck in front of me (336) also got kicked (for red light?) just before I did, haha! Shared pain is half the pain q_q So maybe it wasn't a misclick after all... ah well, no point in guessing.

    4. Gabriel Martinez

      Gabriel Martinez

      I must say, it was funny though, but... yeah I would be mad right now if I was in your place. You clearly didn't do anything wrong, neither the guy in front of you.

  6. you can notify the system here for the delay. 


    1. Rincewind


      huh? what delay?

    2. DJ ccowie

      DJ ccowie

      Umm, please explain?

    3. ferdiyesir


      for players' lag problem.

      more ms :D

  7. People prone to lags should not drive at high traffic areas...


    1. Lukavsky TMP

      Lukavsky TMP


      Please don't post your report on Forum. You can report here - https://www.truckersmp.com/reports


  8. Correct me if I'm wrong but the problem that I described doesn't exist anymore? I've noticed that if you're "inside" someone and they become solid, they then start to blink for you and you won't collide until you're not "inside" them anymore. It's much nicer now and I haven't had the problem of flipping someone who's exiting a station or being flipped by someone inside.
  9. Your latest understanding of my suggestion is correct. I also think that this may be an issue for implementation as I don't know why the system is currently as it is. I suppose for one it could be simplicity ("I'm in non-collision so I do not collide" over "All these trucks are in non-collision so I do not collide with them") or it could be a limitation of the engine (Either you collide with every entity, or you collide with no entity, no in-betweens). The implementation would require all trucks (in the area) to know which trucks are in non-collision mode and which aren't. I think
  10. I'm not sure I follow your thoughts, the issue outside of the delivery will still be the same, nothing will change there. If you enter or exit, people outside of the zone are still unaffected and have the same collision. But people trying to enter or leave are not being blocked or glitch-flipped anymore by people that are inside the zone. If I've misunderstood you and you mean some other problem case that expands outside of the delivery zone, please elaborate.
  11. I fear that the way it is implemented right now is the only way it works, by design. I did not think a lot about this but it may be that the non-collision flag is something that only works on a client, and only on the truck of the corresponding client (self), meaning it may not be able to mark other entities as non-collision. Since currently when you're in the non-collision zone you have absolutely no collisions, and as soon as you leave you have all collisions, it seems to be how it's handled right now. This change would require the mod to be able to set an entity ( truck A ) to non-collision
  12. Suggestion Name: Collision vs Non-collision handling Suggestion Description: I think that the collision of trucks outside of non-collision zones with trucks inside non-collision zones can be improved to help with the chaos in front of these zones, and the incapability of players to form a queue for entering and exiting such zones. Especially for company areas where trucks drive onto the parking dialog field and stop, with their trailer still reaching out of the zone. Currently non-collision only works for trucks within the zone, as trucks outside of the zone still collide with those
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