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  1. These graphics would be better than any game in the world.
  2. Thank you, this is the first time for me. Also, good job.
  3. Both, but I prefer the truck.
  4. Yes, since we would never have known the future. And wouldn't have known that TruckersMP is even going to come out.
  5. Who doesn't love Christmas! I hope soon.
  6. why would ETS2 need a bus? I mean not not to be rude or anything, but I think it's pointless.
  7. kuuulge, me peame selle foorumi tagasi aktiivseks saama! kui teil on mõtteid, plz kirjutage reply. kthxbye (ma teen nii palju vigu kui saan) igastahes jah, heartige seda ja stuffi
  8. I notice when it literally when im 10 meters away from the gas pump, ik it sucks right!
  9. on my hacked profile, 20 trillion on my legit one, 23 million
  10. Welcome to the community! Hope you have a wonderful time here!

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