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    Cover photo

    Hi all! Yesterday I went on my profile and found the option 'cover photo'. I decided to make my profile look a bit more beautiful and want to upload a cover photo now. 1. What is the optimal resolution for a cover photo? 2. Why is the cover photo blurred when I upload it? I appreciate every answer. Regards , Adam
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    Thanks for following ^_^

  3. >=?D?M=<

    Forum phone app?

    Hi Mate! No, there is no app that contains this forum in it, like a forum app. Here is an app related to TMP that shows you the upcoming convoys and meetings, server stats, it has also an integrated live-map. If you are interested in this , click on the word and you will be redirected to the apple iTunes store. Have fun! Best regards, Adam
  4. >=?D?M=<


    Hi, Of course you will be able to play as long as your laptop fits the minimum PC specs for ETS2. When you have any problems when playing or with the launcher, feel free to ask on Discord, ask here or create a support ticket. Regards, Adam
  5. Да, это был бы мой следующий вопрос.
  6. Игра тебе выдаёт какую-нибудь ошибку? Попробуй пере-инсталлировать лаунчер, нажимая кнопку F1 в первом окошке лаунчера. Ну, то окно которое толко в середине экрана. Я надеюсь я мог тебе помочь. Удачи, Адам.
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    Connection Error

    Hi. Press F1 while in launcher to reinstall Truckersmp data. Hope this helped.
  8. >=?D?M=<

    About Steam

    Do you mean this related to Truckersmp? Of course it will succeed. Maybe TMP launcher will ask for your file directory ETS2 is installed in.
  9. I wish all of you there a nice weekend and a wonderful Friday! :wub:

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      thanks man -_- 

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      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      have a nice weekend :) 

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    how do i activet my account

    As you created your account on TMP you should have received an email with an activation link. Whether your account is activated or not,is does not affect your gameplay on TMP, as @CrackPrewier said. Regards Adam.
  11. Thanks for following! :)

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  12. >=?D?M=<

    TruckersMP Game Moderator Streams

  13. Make sure you have a stable internet connection and then try reinstalling launcher by hitting F1 when in launcher and clicking on "Install Available Updates".
  14. >=?D?M=<

    What is the Forum Rank?

    Cool explanation. I understood everything. thnx for this great post !
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    Rule 4.9 says That also applies for joining the TMP Team. If you want to apply for a position in the team you must have fluent English speech as you will be in touch with many community members. Hope your question is answered Regards Adam
  16. It's not possible to download it from Truckersmp I think. But you can find the same mod for single player For example Here. Hope I helped King regards ADAM
  17. Thnx for following mate!

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  18. >=?D?M=<

    Website v2.4 release

    Awesome work! Thanks.
  19. Happy Birthday TruckersMP!!! I wish you good luck, success and above all you shall be healthful and fit to proude us and yourself! You did a great job in the past and I hope you'll do so this time, too! Cheers Adam
  20. >=?D?M=<

    TruckersMP does not work!

    Hi there! Since the beta was released, I was waiting for the TMP - client to update. Now I checked it on the TruckersMP - website and the supported game version is . My current downloaded TruckersMP - client said that the currently supported game version was still 1.28x.x . Then I got an update and my TMP - client has beed updated. After the update, it still showed that the supported game version was 1.28x.x . So I re-downloaded the TMP -client several times and it still showed that the supported game version was 1.28.x.x . As I wanted to start the game through multiplayer, an error screen appeared and said: "Can not create game process." and not the usual when a uncompatible game version is detected. Please help me if you can, I will appreciate any help of you. Thank you! Greetings, Adam
  21. >=?D?M=<

    TruckersMP does not work!

    My problem has been solved. Thank you all for helping me.
  22. >=?D?M=<

    Transparent window in MP

    Hi there! I'm new here and wanted to know how to make the "Players-near-to-you"-window transparent. Thanks for answers!
  23. >=?D?M=<

    Transparent window in MP

    LOL ok thanks
  24. Hello!
    I'm new here and want to get some more Info about the TruckersMP forum!

    Will be great if you could give some more Info!


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      I thank you very much for the introduction, I will accept and follow the rules of TruckersMP. I look forward to see you on the roads.

      Have a nice day and have a nice game,

      cheers, HappyTrucker3