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  1. remvoed parts like u guys sade
  2. du vet dom ny släppen så finns i spelet, (mjölk släpet och väg blokeran) man ser bar ett vit skåp släp när nån kör kring med dom. undrar när ni ska sätta in dom så andra ser dom? för nu se man bara en vit skåp släp å den glichar fram å till backa på personer när dom drar dom.  


    och jag undrade när ni ska sätta in alla venyler i ATS? 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Forraz


      Jag ska se om jag kan hitta en bra svar åt dig angående Mjölk släpen och Vinyl uppdateringarna från ATS. Tillsvidare kan jag bara säga att du får ha tålamodet med dig ^_^

    3. CassColl


      yes de blir bra :) ha de gött så länge.

    4. Forraz


      Det samma ^_^

  3. sync isue

    did now thnx for the info thet there was one and now i got it sems like it working
  4. sync isue

    hard to take a pic but i was runing whid my compane and some time we cude se esather and some time we cude not and the meter bar was like 10k m frome players
  5. sync isue

    hej there is a sync isue on ats after the uppdate plz take a lock at it
  6. Server Downtime

    why are u guys reacted my post i did?! whats the problem are u guys afred of geting cald out?
  7. Server Downtime

    if money is problem start a refound! bec am preaty shore thet people will aprove it jost to avbel to play ATS MP i wude pay for it and i know more peole wude do thet. u guys shude fink about thet?!
  8. Server Downtime

    if thet the case then they shude link to them also so people can talke to about it, but they dont! there is only one place we can talke about this and thet is the fourms no were els!
  9. Server Downtime

    it cald info they may lissen to
  10. Trucker MP ATS

    ye right they toke down US server and they haw still not fix it and now u guys toke down the EU server also. u guys rely need get s*** together and fixe it bec this is a joke u guys will lose people if u guys ceep doing this shit
  11. Server Downtime

    Nice work u guys messup agen now all ATS srvers are down bec u can do the right fing....
  12. Trucker MP ATS

    what did happen ATS servers the uppdat brocke the servers?!
  13. error

    thnx it workt
  14. error

    this what it tel me wen i try to conec to the luncer An error occured while contacting our update servers (System.UnauthorizedAccessExcepton: Access to the path C:\ProgramData{TruckerMP\core_atsmp.dll Denied. at SystemJO._Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String mabyeFullPath) at System.IO File InternalDelete(String path, Brooken checkHost) at LauncherV2 Md5Utils File Not Matched(String file, Sring fileMd5) at LauncherV2 MainWindows.Checkforupdate0). Press OK to try agen ore cancel to visit our downlade page. any one who can help??