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  1. Hi I solved the problem with API steam now depends on what kind of problems you have on this basis because I logged in to the forum I solved

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    2. ValyTM


      The phase is that you need to update your plans for Steam api. This is the only solution that needs to be done

    3. ValyTM


      lemur if you have the purchased plans should be automatically upgraded I do not know I do not know what we have but honestly I tell you because I have everything bought and me the moment is made something that does not go well I give manually however, it should be heard correctly


      But those in me all my community and I change Logan and everything works based on the knowledge we have some plans that need to be downloaded and uploaded to your platform or What do you have because those are the only ones that require upgrading and if you do not update them properly then it will give you errors in not telling us things

    4. CJMAXiK


      Sorry, but it doesn't make any sense since I can't understand you.

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