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  1. Stalking my boi @Krewlex while hes trying to stream :kappa:





    code Krew for 10% off his merch :kappa:

  2. Suggestion name: Custom Trucks on the ranking system Suggestion Description: With 1.32 coming out, SCS is introducing Custom trailers. This brought me on the idea, to have custom trailers on the Forums (Rank), So if you are a low rank, you will own a Flatbed or Curtainsider. If you are pretty active and have a higher rank, you will be able to choose custom colours and a Double trailer. If you are a very high rank, you can choose custom colours and B-Doubles. I know this is completely useless, but it will make it more fun to be active! Any example images: - Why should it be added?: Motivates people to be more active on the forums.
  3. Can we get Custom Trailers and colours on the ranking truck? :D 


    (Idk if this has been suggested yet, Going to do it right now)

  4. Idk heres some pictures of my truck, :) 

    Click here for the pictures.


    Edit: Imgur ruined the quality, sorry...

    1. Omor Sadi

      Omor Sadi

      Your truck is beautiful :love:

    2. [MCG] Kien Giang
    1. IpilkAlaus


      Or anyone with China in their username and ping so high planes don't get up that high. Complete lack of awareness and respect. And yes, you hear it FROM ME.

    2. Levi [NL/GER]

      Levi [NL/GER]

      Chinese guys with 500MS doing 150KPH are the worst, and as you said, no respect.

    3. Hz3rd


      10/10 Meme

  5. Here is another "Quality" meme I made but never released bcs its pretty bad.


    1. IpilkAlaus


      "this bad boy can fit so many reports in it"

    2. [VIVA HH] Kravatie
  6. Forums wont let me post any image above 0.05MB... So heres a few shots of my S730 :D

    Click here for the pictures

  7. Beautiful picture with the new Renault T mod from "Polatlı Mods Team" :D 

    Link to picture: Click here :)

    Link to the mod if you're interested: Click here :)


  8. Just scrolling thru the TMP meme folder... 



    We've all been there after you overtake on C-D ;)

  9. Taken yesterday at the Haulage 64 Convoy :) Doing Media and CC support on Lyon -> Golfech.  



    Also got a quick picture of @MrHarv98 's Scania and a picture with @Pillow_ at the start of the convoy in Gedser :D



  10. +1 for the idea, But World of Trucks pretty much does the same... Only the loads arent the same, the destinations are. Theres alot of big chinese companies, that all are in a program like Teamspeak or Discord and all search for the same load, using the same filter. Only takes a minute or 3 and works very well!
  11. Shouldn’t the police skin be more universal, like the current one? Makes more sense than just, (for example) a Belgian police skin. +1 for the Idea though
  12. Happy Birthday Aestrial :D

    1. Aestrial


      Thank you Levi. 

  13. Haulage 64 has been absolutely great again! I want to ofcourse thank the Managers for letting me make the pictures ofcourse. 

    If you haven't donated (yet) feel free to help them out! "Haulage 64 Donation"


    All images are available on: This Link



  14. Hey driver! Welcome to this quick review/guide about EcoDriving and the best trucks to use. Just before you read, if you like to go quick, and you always go max throttle. This isn't for you . What is Eco Driving? E-Drive, Also know as Economical driving is a driving style where you save fuel. Its mostly about saving money, but also about helping to get rid of the global warming problem in Euro Truck Simulator . How do I Eco Drive? Very easy. First off, start with getting a truck with a V6 engine (It can be a V8 but it will ruin your LPK/MPG). After you have purchased the truck, switch to a 4x2 or 6x4-2 (liftable axle) chassis. Lifting up an axle when its not necessary will reduce tire-wear and fuel usage. After getting your basic upgrades, its time for your drivingstyle. First of all, try and find the GREEN line on the Tachometer. That indicates which is the best region to stay in if you want to save fuel. You should shift when the green region ends (near 1500 revs on most trucks). Then theres also a YELLOW and a RED region. You want to stay out of those, they will cause very high fuel usage and sometimes engine damage. Now you have followed these steps, its time to look for a good truck! When I can do easy Eco Driving, is there more to do? Yes. After you can do the easy EcoDriving, you can go to a next level . That means you can use techinques like EcoRoll. EcoRoll means that if you go off a hill, you put the truck in neutral and just let it pick up speed naturally. If you want to lose some speed, or maintain a speed, hold the retarder button. The Retarder, AKA Engine brake, Jake Brake, will slow down the exhaust fumes and that means the engine will revolute slower. Which means, that you save fuel! Which trucks are great for Eco Driving? 1. Iveco Highway The Iveco has a V6 Cursor engine, which re-uses exhaust fumes to run the engine on. Which also functions as an extra turbo. The Highway has a 560HP V6, and a 1200L tank. And that re-usable fume system makes tons of torque! It produces 2500NM. If you use easy EcoDrive, you can get around 3000-4000KM and if you Super-EcoDrive, almost 4000-4500+KM 2. DAF Euro 6 The DAF, which is made in The Netherlands, has to be extremely economical because of the laws. Which makes it one of the best. The DAF E6 comes with a 510 V6 PACCAR engine. Which makes 2500NM at 1425RPM! Which gives it MAX power in the Eco region. It has a 1400L tank, which will give you a range of 2500-3000KM in EcoDrive and 3000-4000KM in Super-EcoDrive. 3. MAN TGX (Not the Euro 6, since its not ingame yet ) The MAN TGX, is a truck thats pretty old. But it still does very good on Long-Haul Eco-Driving. Its purely because of the long-haul. Otherwise a Volvo/Scania would be in this place! The TGX' 540HP V6 engine makes 2500NM at 1410RPM. Which is the Eco region, which makes it ideal for heavy loads. The 1250L tank will give you around 3500-4500KM in Eco Drive (At a constant speed of 75-80KMPH - 45-50MPH) and 4500-4800KM in Super eco drive doing 70-75KMPH- 40-45MPH. That was this quick guide to Eco Driving and trucks that dont ask for alot of fuel! Please drive safe!
  15. Hello New/expierenced Driver! You might have wondered, "What is the best truck to use, if I am low on cash/just starting out?" Well, I think I got the answer! Heres a top 3 with reasons! Nr 1. Scania R Normal Prices and Specs The Scania R Normal is a reasonably priced truck, has a pricetag of 109,110. 110K will get you a Shiny "Normal Cab" with a 4x2 chassis. It has a 360HP/265KW engine making 1.850NM torque. If we compare the 360HP Euro 5 to the biggest engine, Scania Euro 6 V8 Turbo engine, which makes 730HP/537KW and 3.500NM torque. The 360HP Euro 5 is pretty good for its price! Is it really that good? Oh yes, it really is! The Euro 5 engine pulls a 3-10T trailer with no issues, above 10 it does struggle a bit on hills and tight corners. With the low seating hight, its great for seeing cars fly by you, so you can do your best to not hit them . I haven't tested the bed myself, but they say it will get you freshened up for the next job! Fuel milage, not that good since its an Euro 5 engine, but a full tank (1400L) will last you around 3200KM (If you EcoRoll, etc.) and around 1400KM if you like to rev high, and fly across the motorways! (Doing 90 ofcourse, because iam a brave driver after all ) How about upgrading? Those Swedes do ask alot for their upgrades, I recommend first that you upgrade Engines, Gearboxes and then spend on Tuning and Looks! When you do upgrade, DO NOT buy the Euro 6 360/420 engines! Save up for the 500HP V8. It will pull way better (because of the V8 making more torque, 2100NM) and has more power! Nr. 2 Renault Premium Prices and Specs The hideous looking Premium, is one of the best In-game trucks. The French truck gets you a 360HP/280KW Euro 5 engine, Normal Roof Cabin and a Optidrive gearbox (which is great if you manually shift). And it only costs 98.830!!! Its spec-wise worse than the Scania because it has 50NM torque less (on the same engine). You can upgrade to the 460HP/338KW engine, which is a cheap upgrade. And it will give you a V6 with 2200NM torque! It pulls 3-18T loads easily, above 18T it will have a bit of a struggle, but its barely noticable. Is it really that good? Personally, I dont like it. The indicators annoy me, and the interior color-scheme is designed by a 3 year old. (Having random colors on some parts...). The rest of the truck, is OK. The gearbox is incredibely smooth! Its like its made out of suede ! The steering is really sharp and OMGGGG the horn! The horn sounds like a Rubber Ducky being sqeezed! People do notice you, if you horn it. Fuel consumption, is Meh... It comes with a 1000L tank, which is good for around 2000KM if you Eco drive (EcoRoll, AdBlue, etc.) and a small 800KM if you have a heavy load and you need to give it alot of power... How about upgrading? Upgrades are very cheap, and give you alot of stuff for your money! However, Engines only go up to 460HP/338KW and still have 2200NM torque as the cheaper engines of other manufacturers. Its great for highways, since suspension is smooth and has excellent handling on highways with the 4x2 and 6x4-2 liftaxle (when the lift is up ofcourse ) Nr. 3 Mercedes Actros MP4 Prices and specs The cheapest Actros is 103.730. Which is more expensive than the Premium, a bit . Your money will transform into a StreamSpace cab (which you can stand in!), a 421HP/310KW engine, that makes 2100Nm of torque. It gets the most HP out of all starter trucks and is extremely cheap! It can pull a 3-13T load easily, which is weird since it has the most HP?! (Explained later). Is it really that good? Its good, it looks very good, streamlined and chique! The interior is very German, clean and ready to do the job! I have found out, that the glovebox has a lock, so you can store your cookies safely ! Its really comfortable on Highways and bumps. Suspension is really soft and really good in corners! I have had any cornering problems with the truck at all! Fuel wise, its "bonkers"! It hs a 1400L tank which ive done around 3900-4200KM on! (That means EcoDriving, EcoRoll, EcoShift, etc.). If you hit the throttle alot, it does a nice 1000KM! How about upgrading? the max engine is around 600HP, which will certainly get your heavy loads up the hills! Its a bit pricey, the same as the 8x4 chassis, which looks really nice! Gearboxes are a bit tough, automatic mode will slow it down even more... It took me 3 seconds to get into 1st from Neutral sometime testing it. And i already said about it being 3rd, when its the best of all? Thats because this: The V6 engine gives you 2100NM torque at 1100RPM. The problem is that because of the high HP, the "Revs" shoot up to around 1300-1500. Which means it doesnt make alot of torque... That is why it is 3rd, which doesnt mean its bad! I hope this was useful for you! Let me know down below if it has helped you Since Iam planning to review the best Eco trucks and Long haulers! Drive safe!
  16. Hi All, Lately i drive alot past Berlin and region, and the game seems to crash. Other players have it too, Does anyone else have it? The Error message it displays states: "Fatal Game Error - Do you want to send a report to the developer". Please let me know if you have it too, Greets, Levi
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