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  1. forum game

    Banned for noticing
  2. forum game

    Banned for being an 'Ex Assassin' ;P
  3. I am curious to know if there is a system in place which moves reports higher up the queue based on the number of complaints submitted over a player so that those offenders which are really causing problems get dealt with first, and quicker! If not, this may be something worth considering and implementing into the system.
  4. forum game

    Banned for a meaningless ban
  5. Loads Resident Evil 7, Assetto Corsa (already have the wheel), Everspace, Prey, and a few others. Kinda went on a spending spree
  6. forum game

    Banned for having a nice avatar
  7. Sadly no. Online play tends to bring out the worst in quite a few people however there are still a lot of good, friendly players but the bad ones seem to be more prominent.
  8. forum game

    Banned for sticking your tongue out at me
  9. forum game

    Banned to too big an explanation
  10. This scenario: I and several friends in-game are out to troll and cause mayhem. We see a tagged player nearby and know that this is an easy way to get him banned for a greater length resulting on one rather angry player who now can't enjoy MP for a while. Result is that we will happily report anyone and everyone. Counter productive eh! Do your still think this is a good idea?
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    Banned for a bad 'Zorro' avatar
  12. @Joao Rodrigues Great answer, you hit the nail on the head in few words
  13. forum game

    Banned for being banned again
  14. I would hedge my bets on Italy.
  15. ^ I like that idea. Seconded. I would like to see a better variety of trailers (not just painted fridge trailers) but tautliners, Doubledecker trailers (those about the same height as a double decker UK bus), Luxourious motor home trailers, shorts (mini trailers) as used in London to deliver to places a tri-axle (long) would not get in, Hiab trailers with bricks etc, etc, etc.