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  1. [Giveaways] by [AC] #felixggru | #2 (XMAS)

    Entered although I do not like survey sites in general
  2. I Think I have an online stalker.

    ^ Really! I am coming to your house to steal that pink whatever it is then rip its legs, arms and head off Muwahahaha
  3. [10x ETS2/ATS DLC Giveaway] Members Giveaway

    Thank you for the DLC giveaway. Good luck all.
  4. Reputation award button missing in forum posts

    Damn, I liked that little perk/feature.
  5. What ever happened to the +1 reputation button which was previously visible in forum posts? Has this been discontinued now or awaiting fix after forums software upgrade!
  6. Change Trailer License Plate

    I hope this can as it's a damn good idea. Trucks must have their unit licence plates on trailers as its an offence not to. This should be the same in-game to add that bit of extra realism.
  7. Sadly no. Online play tends to bring out the worst in quite a few people however there are still a lot of good, friendly players but the bad ones seem to be more prominent.
  8. This scenario: I and several friends in-game are out to troll and cause mayhem. We see a tagged player nearby and know that this is an easy way to get him banned for a greater length resulting on one rather angry player who now can't enjoy MP for a while. Result is that we will happily report anyone and everyone. Counter productive eh! Do your still think this is a good idea?
  9. Next Map DLC

    I would hedge my bets on Italy.
  10. IGA Guidelines?

    If only things were that easy. You have to remember that there are different degrees of rule breaking and also take into account whether it was intentional, accidental or the person was unaware or failed to understand what they did wrong. As such, the punishment will vary considerably and where there is doubt by an Admin the offense could even go unpunished. (This could be called Slapus Wristii or Banus Notappplicabii) Not intending to offend you over your latin use but is it really necessary? Admins need to be democratic, not dictatorial/fascist
  11. Would you buy a TruckersMP T-shirt?

    A novel idea which some will like and buy but I personally wouldn't bother with the merchandise or gaming t-shirts. It bores down to personal preference.
  12. Just noticed you listed as 'Trial Support'. Gratz :)

  13. Giveaway

    @LSPD Gamer - Ok thanks but it may be wise to state a winner in future so at least people know plus it can avoid a possible future disgruntled entrant implying that the giveaway may be a ruse. Just my thoughts on this.
  14. Giveaway

    - Raven Truck Design Pack - Michlein tuning pack @LSPD Gamer - Btw, I didn't see who won the last giveaway!
  15. Multiple players ramming

    One of them I reported got banned. The other two declined. Some success anyway.