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  1. LxO0FDK.png

    A drive through the French countryside.

  2. Back when it was still ETS2MP, they were running ads in the chat. There would probably be lots of complaints if it returned. Also trying to make a left out of here without the player icon was constant guessing if a truck was going to round that corner.
  3. How do you get double trailer jobs outside of scandinavia?
  4. Here's my submissions. https://photos.app.goo.gl/0wOxILMRgJWgKtUr2
  5. Thanks. I will contact support because it's still happening.
  6. @[TUG] Harley @Ajith18592 I've tried both of your solutions but it still crashes every few hours...
  7. I'm just driving randomly 5-10 minutes into the game it crashes. Single Player works fine. This error just started happening over and over again today, but I don't know what's the problem. I've already uninstalled/reinstalled both, my drivers are all up to date. Maybe someone can help? Crash Log:
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