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  1. It is also illegal to disable any speed limiter in any country, but you have not mentioned that?
  2. Is this a steam/paid for version of the game? I only ask because of Daemon tools, and I know what its used for. Also could you play the games several times and make a note of how long before the game minimizes on each time.
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    There is an announcement at the top of this very forum....
  4. does a cmd prompt (black box) quickly appear and disapperar when it happens?
  5. are you running the game in full screen or windowed? Does it do it randomly or when your mouse pointer hits a certain point on the screen?
  6. But then all you have to do is press Y>space>enter to reset the afk timer in game.
  7. well if your afk, why would you need a timer? if you are looking at said timer you are not technically afk.
  8. After several cups of coffee and head scratching. Probably later today or could be next week, that's why its called "waiting". https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/announcement/16-ats-and-ets2-updated-but-incompatible/
  9. This has been answered already. Just wait for the TruckersMP team to udpate their server files and launcher, and you will be driving down the highway in no time!
  10. Well technically this is the same version, just the build is different to what TMP has "allowed" on the server, all they will need to do is change the version/build number on their end and all will be fine.
  11. This is a minor update, shouldn't take the TMP team too long to update.
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