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  1. Hello Marko!


    Passing here to wish you a Happy Birthday!

    Congratulations and Many Years of Life!

  2. please update multiplayer to i want to do this christmas event on world of trucks with multiplayer please guys update
  3. Nothing helped me please anyone help me i want to play pleaseeeee what can i do???????????????
  4. yes i tried and i uninstalled my game 5 times and nothing ..
  5. I updated and no new drivers out Yes steam version paid
  6. http://prntscr.com/ew21hn Only play drive truck and after 2min minimized
  7. I completed 3. solution not work 2. solution completed not work ..
  8. Hello! i start play euro truck simulator 2 singleplayer and 2 min play and my game minimized to desktop please help me why?????? I cant play windows 10! My lateMst version windows 8 not problem but windows 10 cant work please help me
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