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  1. Happy birthday. I hope have a good years!  

  2. Happy birthday and may health and happiness continue to accompany you. Salute to you.

  3. Hi there, I'm a bit confused on what you're asking. Do you need assistance with something if so, can you please be a little more clear on what that will be?
  4. Thanks for keeping us updated. (For everyone who wants to play just downgrade your game!)
  5. I honestly believe this would be another great feature to implement as well as the one that was originally stated. If anything, just let us know when an admin has taken the report so we know it's being dealt with and doesn't need to be progressed further if you see the dude again. +1
  6. Hey, I love this suggestion. It would make things easier for players especially when they're in the middle of doing a run and have to report someone. They could just quickly use this "click to report" feature. +1
  7. Hello truckers! Just wanted to stop by and say good luck to everyone who is applying for Trial Game Moderator! ;)

  8. Thanks guys for cracking down on this. It seems to be a huge problem lately.
  9. Good luck to everyone applying. Thank you guys for this opportunity !

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