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  1. The Steps you do is ok but before Change to DX11 you have to Login to MP go Ingame make Quicksave then go to your ETS2 folder in documents and open the config.cfg file change to DirectX 11, by changing the line: uset r_device "dx9", to uset r_device "dx11" and save. Go back Ingame and Load Quicksave that should work fine. For me it Works with sometimes Bug and Crashes.
  2. I think that's excellent. Finally, it is harder to crack down on those who ruin the fun of the game and the game returns to its roots, namely "simulation" of what it means and what it stands for. I can only say repeatedly that I welcome these changes very much
  3. The price of a freight per kilometer depends on your level of skill in the game. The higher your skills, level and so on, the more you get for the freight. Decisive is also the distance and the kind of the freight and the respective weight. The more effectively the higher the quality, the more urgent the freight and the farther the distance the higher the probability of getting more money per kilometer in the end. Example in my case: Level: 3656 Played hours: 11882 Freight: computer processors (Urgent delivery) Weight: 3,040 kg Planned route: 3 961 km driven distance: 4 959 km Earnings: 245 659 € Freight: Asphaltmiller - Writigen 808 (Urgent delivery) Weight: 88 100 kg Planned route: 2 795 km driven distance 3 417 km Price per kilometer: 106.96 € Earnings: 366 246 € As you see in the example plays the weight, the type of cargo and so on a crucial role.
  4. !!!Once again to remember. Get the game for free. The time is running out !!!!  B):)





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