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  1. Do you play FPS (first-person shooter) games?

    battlefield1 and BF4.
  2. The Lazy Truckers

    Loving the new website and logger
  3. Introduce Yourself

    relatively short intro here goes. My name is michael and i'm 26. I live in the New york, USA. due to my real life work ,I'm an avid anime watcher. D: (Emergency Medical worker) feel free to add me on steam or discord
  4. The right turns gives me trouble. I keep making to much of a wide angle turn or failed to give adequate space and end up taking the stop sign with me.
  5. Post Your Setup

    i need to clean my station
  6. What DLCs do you have ?

    i kinda own all the essentials dlc. just not the paint jobs. i got the tires DLC for free because of a promotion.