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    @Jamie_, @Angel ., Myself, & @Miss Laura (From left to right)
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    these look interesting
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    [GAME MODERATOR][TRIAL TRANSLATOR] @ThiagoBR_ has been promoted to Full Translator.
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    A wonderful autumn day... Have a nice and relaxing evening truckers! Kind regards, Samito_BG TruckersMP Staff Game Moderator
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    [TRANSLATION MANAGER] @Pillow additionally joins the Event Team.
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    Scania V8 R730 Restoration Abandoned semi trailer truck by ->> Restore Machines
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    List of changes from 24th September 2020: Support for American Truck Simulator ver. [ 96cb07318bc2 ].
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    At the start of another Krew convoy with my boy Aslαn And at the end
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    [SUPPORT TRAINEE] @Winter~ has been promoted to Trial Support.
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    On the road with @LetiFreshi
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    Thanks for the convoy guys @ JDT LTD. @jamesdgaming @IndirectWeb94 @Joey_W @DJ Seddon (Last two guys pretty sure you don't have a forum account ) But it was fun nonetheless and looking forward to more down the road.
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    Hi Arcticwolf, yes this is currently the latest list. Not all of our team members can stream and fulfill their duties so they will stream whenever they can. How often that will be I'm afraid will depend upon each member individually.

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