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10 hours ago, MADMEX955 said:

When you are streaming on Youtube and you have TRUCKERSFM on, what will happen because when you play music on Youtube you get always an message that your video is banned because off the music.

So my question is will that also happen when you use TRUCKERSFM in your stream ??

I asked a TruckersFM moderator and he said that this is forbidden because you are not allowed to use radio streams in live streams. Is also on Youtube and Twitch

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So in other words, you can only use it if you don't stream yourself or join someone who is streaming.

So someone who is streaming and is on, for example, Discord and someone on Discord who has TruckersFM on while driving. then once that person is talking you should ask if he turn off the music. because you will hear it in the stream. How ridiculous is that really

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There is a large amount of issues currently with Twitch clips and DMCA takedowns because of matched music within the clips, so if you do use copyright music, I highly recommend turning the ability for clips to be made off too as you will get hit with takedowns eventually leading to a possible ban. Unfortunately twitch is having to take more action on these now than ever before. Certainly expect your VOD to be muted too.

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Hello @MADMEX955,

Thank you for your post on our forums. Unfortunately, as your post has been inactive for 14 days now, I am left with no other option but to move this post to our archived section.

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