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  1. How come I had never kicked for a to high ping. Now with the new Update TruckersMP 1.39 I was kicked 2 times for an high ping. in ATS no prob at all. So how is that possible. Thanks
  2. Is it also working with the latest update 1.39 and is it possible to use it on an second monitor I use only PC so no use with mobile device
  3. MADMEX955


    So in other words, you can only use it if you don't stream yourself or join someone who is streaming. So someone who is streaming and is on, for example, Discord and someone on Discord who has TruckersFM on while driving. then once that person is talking you should ask if he turn off the music. because you will hear it in the stream. How ridiculous is that really
  4. MADMEX955


    When you are streaming on Youtube and you have TRUCKERSFM on, what will happen because when you play music on Youtube you get always an message that your video is banned because off the music. So my question is will that also happen when you use TRUCKERSFM in your stream ??
  5. We seen many mods on sites that say it can also used in MP. but is it allowed by TruckersMP ? Cistern Food ore Road Train ore HIBRIT HCT ect ect
  6. The WoT Event are fun to do, only when you do it on the Promods server there are some issues , ferry issues and unload issues, you get then the message it can not be synchronized with World of Truck, so you have drive all the way for nothing .
  7. When you go to the Trailerdealer we see no Tank Trailer, I think its time to have some new trailers
  8. Pfffff I have found the Prob I removed the s behind mods
  9. I have only winter in SP not when I go to MP, and yes I have control it as it say in the info with hash tab
  10. When you are using the Middle-East Add-On Pack v2.43 for Promods then when you go online on the Promods server you don't see the country's from the Road to the Black Sea DLC. The Road to the Black Sea DLC is not working then https://i.postimg.cc/bYC4MSDS/ets2-20191222-032456-00.png
  11. Well It is only working for me in SP I have try server1 and promods1 and I have no winter , and yes I have done it as the info say to install it
  12. I have no winter in mp only in sp, and yes i have don it ass the instal info say, its not working on server1 an promods1 for me IS SOLVED I have removed the s behind mods
  13. To join an VTC you can go to there website ore send an email. but is it not easier to have an JOIN button . Is it possible to insert an JOIN button ??
  14. I tried to deliver a Christmas cargo on the Promods 1 server but that was not working , is this an Promods issue ?
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