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  1. MADMEX955


    it would be nice if we can used Tandem truck and trailers.
  2. MADMEX955

    owner trailer

    Yes it is solved it can be closed
  3. MADMEX955

    owner trailer

    I have found an way , you need to change the 0 into an 1 ( uset g_force_economy_reset "1") you open your map Profile in euro2 then open an map perhaps called 4A61626B79 then open config with notepad change the 0 into 1 save it and start MP
  4. MADMEX955

    owner trailer

    What has this to do with the prob that I cannot use an owned trailer in MP
  5. MADMEX955

    owner trailer

    No in MP I cannot sleep and I have try 2 different country's and still I get the same answer It say there are no cargo's at the moment for your trailer Make sure you have the necessary skills and that the trailer is allowed in the area My skills and in SP I can use owned trailer and get cargo's
  6. MADMEX955

    owner trailer

    Hello, Am in Lvl 17 and when I buy an trailer it say there are no cargo's for the trailer. So when is it possible to get cargo with your owned trailer in MP, In SP I have no prob at all
  7. Hello I have get the REWARD: Event-exclusive Dragon Truck Design DLC and a special World of Trucks achievement But when I go in Multiplayer then am kicked is that because off that DLC ??
  8. MADMEX955

    Wintermod has arrived!

    After the new update from MP and installing also the wintermod the game is not starting in wintermod and also the game is crashing after half min . and when I read here am not the only one with the crashing prob.
  9. ^ Yes true about ets2map but It was an nice tool to follow your truck on the map and that I think you cannot do that with kat cams. So I hope that they solved the prob with ets2map
  10. Is that also the reason that http://ets2map.com/ is not working 100%. sins 7-4-2016
  11. MADMEX955

    ets2mp starts in 32bits instead of 64

    Thanks m8t, True when I start ets2mp I use the shortcut from desktop and then he make the connection with steam and then start the game in 32bit. and Now I have try it what you say first start steam and then I have used the shortcut and yes no it start directly in 64bit pfffff thanks TheUnknownNO and also thanks to everybody who has give there answer.
  12. MADMEX955

    ets2mp starts in 32bits instead of 64

    Yes I have 64 bit operating system,
  13. When I start ets2mp then its start up as 32bit, when I close the game and start again ets2mp then it start up as 64bit. So why is it not starting right away as 64bit.
  14. MADMEX955

    The #EU1 server's

    When you like to play with the rules and stop for red and keep the speed normal then its better to play no MP because when you stop for red light then people are getting angry and ramming you from behind and push you forward, when you drive slowly an corner people get angry and like to overtake you and then normally you get rammed. It would be nice that people who like to race and not like rules take eur2 server and lets eur1 server then for those who are driving with the rules.
  15. MADMEX955

    Over Taking With Imperial mesurments

    I also notice that some people who are passing an slower truck not always waiting till they have passed the slower truck but when they think they have done that they are going to the right ore left and then ramming the slower truck with the back off there trailer. I always flash 2 times with the lights so he knows he has passed me.