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Im haveing a problem joining to a server.

Go to solution Solved by Titanic4,


Hello everyone! Im haveing problems with joining to a server.

Simply when i join a server, i have a black screen what says connecting,

but after a second it crashes without any kind of error message.


Same thing happens when i try to play an SP game on 64 bits.

I only can play on 32 bits, without crashing.


Please help.

Regards -Bonki

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Try to start the game in 32-bit mode, then after spawning in game, press ESC to show the game's desktop. Enter "Options", then go to "Controllers" screen. Once you get there, turn off Force Feedback by unticking the tickbox located above overall feedback force slider. After that exit the options menu, then shut down the game. After that, the 64-bit version should start with force feedback turned off, hopefully allowing you to play. 

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