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TP to unflip your ride?



So i finally got freecam working and i seen that when you are in freecam you can teleport?


If that is true i have a question: Can you use freecam to unflip your ride instead of loading save or tping to repair shop or idk how it is called bc i have a very very VERY bad hdd drive and everytime i flip i wonder "Am i blocking the traffic because the ghost mode is disabling TOO quick?" oh and yes sometimes i was and one time SOMEONE wanted to report me for that i was still in loading screen with Ets 2 logo and ghost mode has disapeared too fast. [yes he did but i did not get banned[or i will be in feature]]


So the question: Can you use freecam to unflip your ride instead of loading save or tping to repair shop or idk how it is called?


Sorry for my bad English. Im from Poland. [idk why im still typing this lol im typing this everytime LUL]

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I dont mean to tp to town btw

You've been hit by,

You've been strucked by




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Hi @szywert98,


The free cam teleporting system does not work for players in MP, it does however work if you use it in singleplayer. Although the best way to save yourself if you've crashed etc in a busy area is to simply F7. It causes no damage to surrounding users and can be helpful in getting you to a place to repair. It can make your journey ever so slightly longer but it is worth that when you're avoiding causing issues in populated areas. 


As for the loading in before your loading screen is finished. I'd make sure that wherever you log off the night before is a safe place to log back in. You'd typically want to aim for a NCA (Non Collision Area) to avoid any problems or somewhere secluded where you aren't spawning in the middle of the road. If you do end up with no other choice parking safely away from the road on the grass areas etc is usually quite a good place to park, but try and avoid having to resort to this!


I hope this helps, 

Owen :D 

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