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Removal of the forum VTC sections


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Hello everyone,


Virtual Trucking Companies are a major reason why people play TruckersMP. Playing with others, discussing trucks, convoys and making friends. You can find VTCs in our English VTC section or the language VTC sections.


The English forum section has been created years ago and there are over 9000 posts. We have received a lot of feedback from users who were trying to find a new VTC and failed because there is no proper overview. We have also received feedback from people who wanted to advertise their VTC in the VTC section but don't agree with our current requirements.


Your feedback is important to us. In 2019, we launched our new VTC System on our website. Over 7000 VTCs registered and over 23000 people are a member of a VTC at the moment. This is a lot! We have plans to add more features to the VTC system, website and game-related.


The website system allows VTCs to present themselves with a name, slogan, logo, descriptions, requirements, rules and much more. From what we have heard, this system is better than the forum sections.

We will archive all forum VTC sections on February 2nd, 2020. If you own a VTC and haven't created a VTC on our system yet: Here is how. VTC owners can advertise their VTC in our Discord guild if they meet the minimum requirements. A rule update will be released shortly.


Large VTCs can apply for verification and gain access to more features and greater visibility. You can find more information here. The requirements will be updated later this month.

If you have questions, suggestions or general feedback regarding this update, please contact us using our feedback system here.


Kind Regards,

-TruckersMP Community Management


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