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Winter is here!


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Is it just me or now that the Heavy winter mod is supported, it seems like there are a lot of missing textures on the sidewalks and in the "grass" areas? 
I know Heavy is supposed to remove some grass, but it seems like there are sometimes green glows coming from the snow and the snow itself being very low quality when there's no grass.

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6 minutes ago, Mircea97 said:

i have everything set, but winter mod dosent appear??


Hey, let me try to help you with this.


First of all, make sure that your wintermod files are in the correct folder. 

It should be in this folder: Docuents\ETS2MP\mod or in Documents\ATSMP\mod. You might have to create the folder called mod


Now, if you do have the mods in the correct folder, make sure that you have the right mod. 

Here's the links to the mods: 

Base - https://sharemods.com/zdmxhwpikdrh/frosty_7_3.scs.html
Heavy winter addon - https://sharemods.com/lkrniy3494jf/frosty_heavy_winter_7_3.scs.html
Physics - https://sharemods.com/n1uo9p1j5hj0/frosty_physics_7_3.scs.html


Lastly, if nothing here works, check the checksums of the mods by using HashTab to make sure that none of the files are corrupted. 

Here's the checksums:



SHA1: 20003EF0248D65B1FB33B9D6476F3691DA147210



MD5: CF2103EE23E4012DFB812E66466DCD44
SHA1: BB73E2EF212C5520880EB41895AA9FF00E10C6E7



MD5: 3DA71F1B32B2352427B85BE35CA71799
SHA1: B28375AAFE75F44DA9904952ABAF574A141E1D8A


I hope this helps.

Kind Regards,


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