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Official Q&A - How does it work?




Dear truckers,


It's that time again! We are opening our Q&A section for another round of your questions. Always wanted to know something relating to TruckersMP? Ask away!


Questions are directed to members of the TruckersMP senior staff (all management). Questions can be asked within this Q&A section, providing they abide by the posting rules outlined below:


  • All official global rules will apply to this section. Found here.
  • If a question is directed at a specific member of our senior staff, please ensure to put that name in the title. For example, "Question to Smoky_TMP".
  • If a question is directed to a specific teams' management, please include [<team management abbreviation>] in the title. For example, "[GMM] How efficient is the report system".
  • Each time you ask a question, you should create a new topic.
  • All responses from TruckersMP senior staff will be made in your created topic.
  • Questions regarding the development or directed to a specific Developer may take some time to be replied to due to the busyness of our development team.
  • This section is under STRICT MODERATION - all questions are to be answered by TruckersMP senior staff ONLY.
  • If a question was answered to your satisfaction, please set the respective reply as a "Best Answer" to notify us to lock and move the post.


Keep in mind that you can ask us anything relating to TruckersMP within reason, but questions will be answered at our discretion and useless topics will be trashed. The Q&A will be closed on 31.12.19.


Please take a read of our topic introducing the members of TruckersMP's senior staff here.

Finally, it is important to note that many questions will have already been answered, so please ensure that you do a little research beforehand to ensure that your question is a new one and one that is relating to TruckersMP in some way.



Kind regards,

The TruckersMP Team


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