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Introducing - TruckersMP Senior Staff




The senior staff team of TruckersMP is made up of all development staff, resource staff and management of the respective aspects of the project - Developers, Project Manager, Community Manager, Game Manager, Community Moderation Manager, Support Manager, Translation Manager, Event Manager, Human Resources Staff and Add-On Developers. All of these ranks make up the senior staff team responsible for the day-to-day running of the project.





Hey everyone, As you may know my name is Jean-Mathieu and I've been a developer for TruckersMP for the past 5 years. I'm currently 26 years old and I joined the team when they did the first public recruitment. When I joined the team I was hire to be a "In-Game Administrator". I was in that position until Rootkiller was offered a position at SCS since they are always in a need of a developer. Once Rootkiller got to know he got accepted and asked me and Kat_pw if we wanted to be promoted as a developer. Once I joined the developer position, I did a lot of tweak to the code. The majority of the code was done in plain PHP  and all the main functionality was in one file. When I started the file had probably 3k lines and after I wrote the Ban Appeal and Report System that file was around 10-12k lines. There was so much code in that single file that it was causing my code editor to crash and being so laggy so don't ever do that xD. Quite a bit of time after, Tuxy joined our team and told us that we should move to Laravel to improve the code readability and making it easier to add feature and all the fun stuff. It took around a year to write all the feature we had on the old site to the new site. On the more personal note, I think my favorite food is poutine. A poutine is made of french fries, cheese curds and gravy all mix together. I also like to go in-game and try to make the player respect the rule while playing RP. The playerbase seems to enjoy it and make everyone happy. Happy Trucking everyone!



Hi everyone! My name is Jan, I am from the Czech Republic, I am only 18 years old and I am still a student. I joined the TruckersMP team back in late April 2018 as a Game Moderator thanks to the first public recruitment for this position. And just after 15 weeks of hard work and learning required skills I became a developer. I have never regretted this decision. As the developer I got a unique chance to work on a huge project, that I love, with a bunch of awesome people. For the time I have been here, I have been working on bigger sections of the website (for example the knowledge base, the support system or the VTC system), I have reworked the public Discord guild and completely rewritten Discord bots and I have also been working on small suggestions and fixing bugs for the game. As I try to contribute as much as possible to TruckersMP, I do not have much free time. However, when a relaxation is needed, writing articles about programming, playing games that we support, or watching videos are activities which help me to chill a bit. And in TruckersMP there has not been a challenge that I would refuse so far.




Project Manager



Hi all, my name is Joni, I am 22 years old and I come from Belgium. I have joined the TruckersMP team as a Forum Moderator and got In-Game Admin in only 28 days after which I worked very hard to get to the Team Leader role. Eventually, that led to my promotion to CM and then to Game Manager. In October 2018, I had the chance of becoming a Vice Project Manager. Of course I accepted this offer, something I haven't regret for a single second. Being a Project Manager is a unique chance, one has to cope with a lot of responsibilities and sometimes needs to take hard decisions. It is very important to me that people respect each other and behave properly. That this is not always the case, can be seen on a daily basis when dealing with feedback, or angry users who send me messages on discord, forum, Facebook.. When I want to relax a bit, I often play Battle Royale games, FIFA 19, Rocket League or FPS games. Since I am working part-time for five days a week, I am usually fully available during the afternoon but one can already reach me at daytime due to having my laptop available as I work for an IT company. If you have any questions, you can always ask me.




Human Resources


Nathan - Senior HR

Hello, I am Nathan, and I am a part of Human Resources. I currently reside in Wales, UK. I have had an account in TruckersMP since close to the beginning, and have been active on and off throughout the years. I became active again in 2017 and got recruited as Trial Game Moderator Observer on the 24th July 2018. After completed my training and passed my trial period I continued with my duties as a Game Moderator. An opportunity to become a Human Resources member was put forward and I managed to get myself a position in the newly created team. My main task as a Human Resources member is mainly dealing with recruitment and internal staff-related things within the team. Outside of TruckersMP, I’m quite a busy person. I have a full-time job which takes up a lot of my time, but on my downtime I like to mainly play first-person shooters. My go-to FPS currently is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (and has been for a long time!). Feel free to message me if you ever need assistance. 



Heya! I am Wilhelmus or known as Armonk in the community. I am from Saskatchewan, Canada. I joined the TruckersMP team almost 10 months ago. I have worked my way up to the Human Resources team currently where I deal with recruitment, complaints against staff, and many more tasks. Before this, I was a supporter, then a Game Moderator. I love the community that surrounds TruckersMP, and chatting with users who play this and enjoy trucking with friends, as well as meeting other people. My current job also relates to truck simulators, as I am a truck driver, hauling crude oil in the oilpatch where I am from. Some of my hobbies include: drag racing/drifting, restoring classic vehicles, as well as coaching Special Olympics!



Hello everybody! My name is NeonLeon, 17 years old and living in a little city near Darmstadt in Germany. Entirely aimless, I joined the simulation community two years ago when I first started to play Microsoft Flight Simulator X at IVAO. 2016 I heard the first time about TruckersMP as some of my friends asked me to drive some trips together. I registered on the 14th of January 2017 and it didn’t take long to make new friends who had the same aim as me - starting a VTC. I spent much time at this VTC, a time I still have many memories about and a time I got much knowledge and experience. I’ve joined many trucking companies, visited almost every single place on the map and in May 2018, one day after my birthday, I got a great birthday present from TruckersMP and the possibility to join the team as a supporter. I worked as a supporter for 4 months, then I’ve been promoted to Game Moderator and at the beginning of this year, I became part of our HR Team. As you see, I’ve already been in many positions and got to know many different people. But every position at TMP had something in common: Team spirit, respect, and loyalty. TruckersMP already taught me at the beginning that joining the team is sometimes not easy and it’s not a place to relax. Success has nothing to do with luck but the result of hard work and diligence took me to the place where I am now. Because I had one aim: "Do everything to help the community and improve TruckersMP in every single way you can think about!". I’m now responsible for our staffing and staff-related issues. I’m dealing with complaints, recruitment and applications, scouting and also many other small things. If you want to contact me, my private messages are always open for you!



Hello, my name is Richard and I am a part of the Human Resources team at TruckersMP. I am 20 years old and studying teaching for elementary schools. I joined the team back in March 2018 as a Supporter and switched to the Game Moderation team in July 2018. January 2019 I was promoted to the role as Human Resources were I am now. My hobbies are playing basketball and reading all kind of stuff. I live in Germany and are a great fan of strategy and simulation games. In the role as HR member, I try to help every other team were I can and are responsible for the recruitment, so if you are going to join the team you will get me to know or one of the other HR members. If you have some general questions you can forward them anytime to me and I will try to solve them. If there is a problem with one team member please feel free to contact us via a DM or a Feedback Ticket. I love my work here at TMP since I am in contact with a lot of people and are able to solve issues solve problems before they arise. If you are going to see a blue apple as an avatar it will be most likely me so feel free to say hello. Happy Trucking and bye for now.




Add-On Developer



I am Forerunner, you may know me from one of my previous roles in the team as I joined the team 3 years ago. At present, I am the Add-On Developer at TruckersMP. I joined the TruckersMP community over 3 years ago now, and from the very start I knew it was something special; the community wasn't just a collection of players, but a group of people willing to help each other and work together to achieve common goals. I started out by making MP allowed unofficial mods, which I still do to this day although less often.




Community Managers


Prime - Senior CM

Hey, I am Kevin, born in the best year ever (1992) and in the country with the best food and a ridiculous amount of beer brands (Belgium). I got my Master's degree in Information Management and Multimedia in 2015. Shortly after, I started working as a Test Engineer which evolved into Project and Release Management. Next to my full-time job I also have my own company for which I work part-time. The company itself is a result of a project assignment I got as a student. I joined, like many people here, as a Forum Moderator. It did not take long for me to become a Game Moderator and so I worked my way up. I am currently a Senior Community Manager and make sure everything related to community management runs smoothly. Next to those, I also work on some media stuff (such as videos and images) on which I currently mostly give advise but still do some own work and I also work on some of the legal stuff such as copyright (for which I designed with input from other people the brand guide) and GDPR. I started playing on TruckersMP shortly after the mod was first released in 2014 and have been playing it ever since. It still amazes me when I look back at what this mod and community used to be back then and to see what it is now. I really love being part of this amazing team and TruckersMP in general because this enables me to interact with many people from various nationalities and cultural beliefs. As for the future of this mod and my journey within it: to be continued.



Hello, I am Community Manager at TruckersMP and I live in Germany. I answer your feedback tickets and do livestreams on our TruckersMP YouTube channel.

In the past I have been in the Event Team, Community Moderation Team, Add-On and Translator Team. This experience helps me a lot with my duties as Community Manager.

TruckersMP is a wonderful community for me and I am happy to be part of it. I improved my English, found new friends and learned a lot.

I hope TruckersMP will improve in the future and will stay an awesome community for everyone. If there is anything you would like to let me know, do not hesitate to submit a feedback ticket to Community Management.

In real life, I am active in multiple political movements and in a party.



Hi there, I'm Aragon, a recent addition to the Community Management team. I used to play ETS2 years before TruckersMP was released, so it was no coincidence that I found this community in early 2015. Later that year, I was invited into the staff team by Burner as a Forum Moderator, then eventually to Game Mod by Clarkinator in November 2015. In early 2017, I was also invited to be among the first Game Moderator Leaders, where I have remained in similar positions ever since. Fast-forward to August 2019, where I took up the Community Manager role after over four years of service within the team. TruckersMP has definitely had a huge impact on my life and taught me skills that I could not live without. In fact, this community is very unique and one-of-a-kind, as I have yet to find another that motivates and supports it's members quite like this one. In real life, I live in the eastern United States, in a small town about an hour west of Washington D.C. Currently I'm pursuing a degree in Computer Science, while working other odd jobs in the meantime. In my free time, I play PC games, meet up with friends, and of course, pour my time into this awesome place.



Hi there. I'm Aestrial, one of the Community Managers here at TruckersMP. I'm from the United Kingdom, specifically the west of the country. I joined the team back in mid-2017, just under two years ago, as a Community Moderator and since then have rose through most ranks in the team to the position I hold today. I was one of the first Game Moderator Trainers to be enrolled in the new team, and held that role in conjunction with Leader at the time. I'm very passionate about my role as Community Manager, as it enables me to engage with the community, interact and talk directly about the real issues and act on them. Working on social media and connecting with the community is of great importance, and one of the tasks that I thoroughly enjoy on a daily basis undertaking. I was a member of the Game Management team for nine months working with our amazing game moderators, leaders and trainers, and have recently transferred to work in community management. The role of community manager is one that requires activity, a cool head and on-point decision making, but if you try your hardest and communicate, the role allows you to make real change for the better.




Game Managers


marco6158 - Senior GMM

Hi, my name is Marco and I'm Italian. I joined the TruckersMP team over four years ago and since then I have gone through many roles, up to this point. I am passionate about this role and every day I encounter a different challenge which pushes me to do more and do it better and faster. Being a Senior Game Manager is very demanding and it's no easy task, but with interest, dedication and knowledge, I put all my efforts into improving the TruckersMP environment in the subjects my role covers, whether it be game rules, game moderation, recruitments or game moderation management.



Hello, Jeff here. I am a proud member of the Game Management team. I currently live in the United States. I joined TMP in 2015 as a forum moderator and I have been apart of the team ever since. When I first joined the project, I started as a forum moderator. Not long after I transferred to the GM team where I worked for a few years. After that I took on the role of Team Leader before stepping into a Game Manager role. I currently spend most of my time making sure GM’s adhere to a high standard and also address feedback tickets. The Game Manager role is a very busy role with no shortage of work. There is always something to do to keep this community running smoothly. Outside of TMP I spend my time following my childhood football club Southampton FC, playing full side and five-a-side football as a goalkeeper, and playing games on my PC. I also am a recent university graduate with a degree in Network Engineering.



Hey there, I am weezy, one of the Game Managers here. I was born in Germany and due to my Turkish background, I speak two of the most spoken languages here. A little backstory on how I got to my position and how everything started; I first joined the TruckersMP Team as a Community Moderator back in July 2018 due to the fact that I had previous experience with moderating forums and such. After 3 months of hard work, going above and beyond, I got offered a promotion to the Trial Game Moderator Observer role. Furthermore, I quickly got promoted upon finishing my training. 8 days of being a Trial Game Moderator, the Project Management offered me a promotion to the Community Moderation Manager role which I happily accepted with lots of motivation and goals. However, due to unfortunate circumstances, I decided to step down from my role and transferred to the Game Moderator role. Due to stepping down from my role, I lost all motivation and almost left the team but a few people and very close friends within the team luckily stopped that and convinced me to stay in the team and try again. After getting my motivation back, I did everything in order to be a great asset to the Game Moderation Team. The Game Management then offered me a promotion to the Team Leader role which I happily accepted again with lots of motivation, goals and other things. Once again I worked very hard, did everything I could and after nearly 3 months, the Project Management as well as the Game Management offered me to be part of the Game Management which is now my current rank. If I had to pick my favorite role, then it would be the Team Leader role.




Support Managers



Hey! My name is Ali which you see me go by however my real name is Alistair. I was born here in Edinburgh, Scotland where I currently live. However due my families nature I have moved around significantly. Previously, I used to live in Germany; other than that, I have lived all over the UK and also Cyprus. I’m one of the Support Managers here at TruckersMP however my real life profession is also a manager. I started working as an Admin Assistant for a fairly large brand and then progressed my way up to where I am today. My main hobbies are travelling - I do this as much as I can. I also enjoy going to different festivals and events (mainly in the dance music scene). My TruckersMP journey has always been in the support team (joining as Trial Support and moving up to a manager). I was very grateful to be able to have this chance to be within this role and I am very thankful for this. I joined the support team because I love being to help the community with issues relating to technical questions and other general work. The overall focus of my role is to work alongside GGF MD in maintaining the support team. I deal with a lot of the feedback tickets, overall feedback to the team and helping people with with questions they may have. I feel like working alongside GGF for the past year has been great, we get along well and I feel like we work well together. As a team we help ensure that the support team is up to the standards and make sure that everything runs smoothly. With that being said - my DMs are always open if you have any questions, queries or concerns!



Hey! My name is GGF MD and I am one of the 2 Support Managers here at TruckersMP! In the case you didn't know me yet, I would like to introduce myself a bit. I'm currently 17 years old and I live in a little village with ~250 citizens in Germany. I started my journey at TruckersMP on the 23rd of January 2018 as a Trial Supporter. In the past year I worked my way up in the ranks and got the chance to see many sides of the TruckersMP Team. I was in several ranks such as Trial and Full Support, Trial-/ Game Mod, Game Moderator Leader and now Support Manager. I had several secondary ranks such as Discord Moderator, Language Forum Moderator and Social Media Team Member. For a few months, I even had three ranks at the same moment. Even if that was quite hard and stressful sometimes, I always enjoyed my stay here at TMP. In December 2018 I received the opportunity from the old Project Management and Human Resources Team to join the TruckersMP Upper Staff Team as Support Manager. From that moment on I am managing, coordinating and training the Support Team and I also make sure everything support related is up to our standards. As a fun fact, Support Manager is my longest main rank I was ever part of. I am still enjoying my work here at TruckersMP and I hope I can have a long and great time as manager here at TMP. I also love it to work along with my colleague Ali as I think we both are a nearly perfect team.




Community Moderation Managers


KhaosHammer - Senior CMM

Is it my turn? What? Not yet? M'kay I'll come back lat.... wait... is it? They're already reading? Oh ahem... well... hello everyone, I am Raphaël aka KhaosHammer on internet and here on TruckersMP! I am currently 28 years old and I work in the luxury jewelry, watchmaking and leather goods. Before my current job and 3-4 years without any job, I was in the gaming industry with a company that develops and publish games. I won't say its name but if I tell you the word "DLC" you'll know which company it is. I am from Switzerland, a small country that everyone confuses with Denmark because of our flag. I live in the city where the founder of Chevrolet was born, the city of La-Chaux-de-fonds in the Swiss mountains, the 8th highest city in Europe. I joined TruckersMP on the December 25th while I was alone at home and sick. I was watching randoms videos on YouTube and I came across that video of a huge traffic jam with flying trucks at Europoort. I was like "Woah ahah I must try this game!" And 6 months later, the legendary FirestarteR contacted me after my Forum Moderator application and accepted me in the TruckersMP family. 3 months later, Scar, our former Project Manager, contacted me for the first ever wave of Trial Administrators promotion along with Nataliia and Aestrial which are also Managers today. After 4 months as a Trial Admin/GM, I've got promoted as a Team Leader and 9 months later, Scar contacted me once again for, this time, a promotion in the support staff of TruckersMP in my current role. I don't know what the future holds for me and for TMP, but I'll do anything I can and I'll be here for this amazing community as long as I possibly can! Our journey together i far from over! If you have any question, my forum inbox is always open, and if you see me in-game, don't hesitate to say hai! Happy trucking and thanks for being such an amazing community!



Hey, I'm Moh, one of the three Community Moderation Managers here at TruckersMP, from the United Kingdom "oop Norf". I registered for an account back in December 2014, playing on and off throughout the years. My interest in the mod was re-ignited when the Discord guild was launched in May 2017. As I spent more and more time there, I wanted to join the team as a Discord Moderator and it just so happened to be that recruitment opened for such a position position in the summer of 2018, in which I joined the team on the 9th of September 2018 as a Community Moderator (Discord). A number of months later, I was offered the position of Community Moderation Manager in June 2019 with the efforts that I was showing in my former role. Naturally, Discord is my favourite place to hang out with the TruckersMP community, so you'll often see me chatting there as a regular user, don't be shy to say hi! You're also welcome to contact me through other platforms such as the forum or website. My role includes ensuring that all the social platforms that are used on TruckersMP are up to standard, keeping things problem free as best as possible, as well as managing the Community Moderation Team (plus some other bits!).



Hello everybody, I am Nat, a Community Moderation Manager, now  . I've recently returned to the Team and got the lead of my old Team back. I am 22 years old. I first joined the team in January 2016 as a Support member and left in June 2016 due some in real-life issues which ended me with some inactivity for the team. I joined again in May 2017 as a Support member, had to leave at the end of 2018... But I returned and can easily bite anyone who dares to mess with this cat. I am very addicted to cats, as the whole world already knows. I am work in real-life, I like to drive and floor it when I have an opportunity to speed. Whenever you need my assistance here, please feel free to poke and message me. I won't bite, maybe. I rarely play, and when I do I like to go to quiet places since I have a potato PC and cannot record anymore. Cat accepts donations btw  If you need to express yourself to someone, if you feel upset or need someone to listen to you, you can count on me. I am very empathic. As a manager, I am nice, sweet and all you can think of candy and sweetness, but I am also strict and do not like to see things done wrongly or someone being blamed unfairly. If you feeling wronged, poke me and I can give you one or two of my paws. Be pawsome!




Media Manager


David Edson

Hello everyone! My name is David Edson, I'm a student doing the last year in the high school. I live in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro to be more specific and I'm the Media Manager at TruckersMP. I started to play ETS2MP in January 2016, was a amazing experience to me, I met many people and made many friends that I have until today! I have always loved simulation games and I think they put us in a world that we wouldn't normally be able to be. I joined in the team in January 2018 as a Trial Supporter, after that, i worked in various teams inside TruckersMP, helping in the Support Team, Game Moderation Team, Event Team, Community Moderation, Media Team and now, i'm working on Media management. My mission in this project is to make it go the right way, building a pleasant experience for everyone in the community. Happy Trucking!




Event Managers



Greetings! I am the Event Manager here at TruckersMP. I am currently 25 years old, from Staffordshire, United Kingdom. I love to play video games, listening to music (mostly drum & bass and trance), taking long walks with my dog (border collie), and driving my Ford Fiesta! I joined TruckersMP in 2014, after discovering ETS2MP on ModDB.com. A lot has changed since then, as this was when the community was only just starting to grow.
Between then and early 2016, I was involved with virtual trucking company 'Soarfly Haulage' (SFH), where I was Managing Director of their events department. In April 2016, I joined the TruckersMP Team to be a Forum Moderator, and three months later in July 2016, I was invited to take on the In-Game Administrator (IGA) role. After a couple of months, I took on the responsibility of being one of the first IGA Team Leaders. Fast forward to August 2017, I was offered and accepted the role of Community Manager, to offer support in various areas. My primary tasks were related to community events, including the design, planning, and implementation of official events at a whole new level. I also created a Convoy Control team of around 20 members to support events. From March 2018, these members joined the TruckersMP Team officially, as the Event Team. You can regularly see us hosting Official Convoys, Staff Convoys, Real Operations, and annual special events. The team also support more community events, including convoys for well-known live streamer Squirrel. The most recent major change was in July 2018, where I replaced the role of Community Manager, to Event Manager, due to my dedication in this area.
Today, my daily tasks consist of reviewing feedback, managing event servers and requests, community event public relations, as well as designing and implementing official events. I have a strong passion for what I do in the community and am very excited about what the future of TruckersMP will bring!


Matt #CarLadMatt

Hello. My name is Matt, I am the Event Manager at TruckersMP. I am currently 20 years old and based in the South of the UK. In my past in the community I have been here since the ETS2MP days and I have seen a lot of situations change over the years. I enjoy TruckersMP, I spend every day either attending events or on the forums when not working in private life. I have nearly 3,000 hours on ETS2 at this time on steam. I thoroughly enjoy the time I spend driving and chatting to everyone who has sent me a message over the past. I've made so many good friends.
I have a great past for events, a majority of the major TruckersMP community events I have helped out in some way in, whether it may be Convoy Control (directing traffic at junctions) or Supervising. I used to be Convoy Control Manager' in each VTC ever since I've been in from 2015.
Hard work and dedication has got me to where I am today.
I was offered the role of Event Manager and I work alongside Digital.
My past roles in the community include Event Team from March'18, then Community Moderator from June'18. Then I was given the opportunity after lots of hard work and dedication to the modification to be a full Game Moderator from October'18.
I daily work on tasks which consist of all event-related situations in this community; from managing event servers requests, feedback tickets, community event topics on the forums, as well as designing and working with Digital for Official Events in the future and much more. I have a large amount of experience for events and I look forward to what the future of TruckersMP also will bring too.

My life has evolved around TruckersMP.
I currently work in the day, this means in the evenings I can spend time committed to carrying out my tasks as Event Manager.
Some of the community might already know: I have got a Porsche Carrera GTS, in white (2014/15 model). I love to drive.




Translation Managers



Hello everyone, I am Karol, or BoSsik2 on the internet. At the moment, I am 19 years old and i live in Poland. I joined the team in October 2017 as a Trial Support, in March 2018 i decided to leave the team for 3 months due to private matters, in June I decided to return to the team as a Trial Game Moderator, where here I am until now as the Translation Manager. I am responsible for my team of translators and for all officially content from TruckersMP that are shared in a different language than English. My hobby, skipping this game, are cars and motorcycles, for which I spend a lot of free time because i love to ride or sit in the garage and change something. i finished my school with a car mechanic profile and I am very happy that choosing this school years ago because thanks to it I could develop my passions and work in various car or truck services, in my list of places where i worked thanks to my school is the Mercedes Trucks service and Scania Trucks service, where I could repair large trucks and then ride and test them on the special test track after repair.I am currently working in my small family business with a similar profile that I had at school, but soon I will be looking for a job in another company to gain more experience and in the future definitely expand my family business. If you have any questions about me/my rank, feel free to send a private message to me on the Forum, Discord. Happy trucking!



Heyo! I am known as InvisibleRaptor, but my real name is Andrei and I am from Bucharest, the capital of Romania. I play basketball for about 7 years and I'll be looking for dunk contest competitions in the future, I workout almost everyday for my jump ability, and I am the only one who can dunk that good from my entire basketball team. Now, you are probably wondering about my height, I can't consider myself tall as I am only 6ft/1.83cm. I am also one of the Translation Managers, but let me tell you a little history about me, here at TruckersMP. I joined the team back in November 2018 as Trial Support and I was promoted to Full Support after 2 weeks. While I was a Supporter, the Translation Team was relaunched and I was thinking about joining it from the first second, as my additional role. That's what I've done in March! I joined the Translation Team as my additional role and I started doing my new work. After couple of months, in August 2019, I got the opportunity to become the second Translation Manager. Now, I am responsible for the entire team of translators and I am happy about my current work! See you on the road, if you can see me. Have an awesome day!


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