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Hey there, it's me again. This time I've got a bit of an update on the TruckFest I brought up here a few weeks ago. I wanna start off by first saying thanks for the feedback you gave me in the original post. There was clearly some great support for the idea. So now I've decided to make this post, telling you that "TruckFest 2019" will be occuring hopefully sometime towards the end of this month, start of December. The location is still being investigated, but most likely, it will be occuring at the Scania Test Track in Södertälje on ProMods. I couldn't find a big enough area in the basegame map that we could hold an event like this, hence why I rolled over to ProMods, however, this does not mean there never will be one on the base map. It just means were still looking, it's just Södertälje seems like the most appropriate at this current time. Below I've attached some samples of what the actual parking areas in the Scania Test Track actually look like. These three spaces will be organised into different parking categories. Speaking of Parking Categories, there will be two main parking types. Truck Parking, and Truck and Trailer Parking. Anyone can come along and park in the truck parking. There will be a lot of organised parking that will be made available for anyone who turns up. The Truck and Trailer Parking, however, will need to be booked. There will be a form available in the official event post, allowing individuals to book these spaces. This should help keep control and give the event a better chance of not falling to bits!


There will be prizes available too! There's going to be two categories, "Best Truck" and "Best Truck and Trailer". The actual prize is yet to be decided, but most likely it will be a Steam Voucher of some sort. We will also have a media team at the event, taking photos of each truck that turns up, these will all be available at the end of the event for people to download! There will also be a feature post, featuring the winners of the competitions, as well as runners up!


For now, that's all I have to say about this. My next post relating to this will most likely be the actual event announcement post, so stay tuned! We have some great things planned!









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