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Making only Promods Rules

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Suggestion Name: as the title

Suggestion Description: Making Rules only activate Promods server.

Any example images: none.

Why should it be added?: Promods server was released a few days ago. Many users are playing happily. Promods servers now, following the rules of Simulation and Arcade servers. However, Promods believes that various rule changes are required. First, the situation on the road. Promods servers have many dirt roads and bumpy roads. This road is much less stable than the asphalt pavement. As a result, the body may be pushed back and cause an accident. Even at low speed. Secondly, the roadway is very narrow. Many players may have played Promods, but the roads are quite narrow. There are also many round-trip, two-lane roads, so accidents are more likely. If you look at this, many users will find it hard to apply existing rules. Finally, it is difficult to overtake. In Promods, it's hard to overtake, because a two-lane round trip takes over 80%. However, I have seen a lot of users overtake causing accidents. In our team, it was very difficult because other users hit while overtaking. If you do, it will end up as a 3 day due ban. In my view, this is an increase in punishment. I'm looking forward to reviewing this proposal and further development of TruckersMP.

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