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How to drive safely in Iceland

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So promods recently came out for truckersmp and Iceland is one of the most populated area right now. Iceland has some windy, slippery, narrow roads which makes for a unique driving experience but it requires much more careful driving than what we're used to in vanilla ETS2. I figured I would make this guide so people know how to drive safely.


  • The most important thing you should do is follow the speed limits, especially if you have a trailer. The speed limit is normally 80 km/h (speed limit signs say 90 km/h but that's for cars) but may drop to 60, 40, or even 30 around the windy parts of the road. Without a trailer you can probably get away with going over the speed limit a bit on straight parts but be careful doing that with players around.
  • Never overtake on a corner. It's dangerous and if someone comes toward you in oncoming traffic you will not have much time to react. Only overtake if the road markings say you can overtake, there is no oncoming traffic, and if the person in front is not going above the speed limit. 
  • Watch out for slippery parts of the road, especially around corners. The physics aren't as intense as winter mod but if you're going too fast then you won't be able to steer much so keep your speed down. Also sometimes the slippery parts can abruptly end and if you're steering too much and the physics end you can start rolling over so steer the other way quickly to recover.
  • There are some areas in Iceland which can only fit 1 person at a time. There's usually a sign before this happens. If there's a blue arrow on the right side of the sign you have right of way, if it's red you don't have right of way. Unless they let you go then give them right of way.
  • Most roads in Iceland are much more narrow than normal roads. Keep this in mind when going around corners take it a bit wide so you don't swing your trailer into the opposite lane.
  • Keep your distance and don't pressure the person in front of you to go faster. Wait for a opportunity to overtake if they're going a bit slower than the speed limit but don't tailgate. If they have to brake suddenly or lag back you're going to rear end them. This goes for anywhere though obviously.


That's it for this guide, I hope it helped! If there's anything else I should add let me know. 

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