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Alternative websites for sending picture(s)

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Hello everyone 👋


Today, we all know that photos are very necessary on the TruckersMP platform, which is sometimes necessary in many areas, we use photographs to explain your appeal or your questions etc. I will talk about alternative methods for this and how to send a photo. Hopefully it will be detailed enough.


The other reason for this is that Imgur does not work in some countries, like my country, and that there is only a guide on this site in the forum. You can found it on here: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/62336-forum-how-to-insert-pictures-from-external-websites/


Which uploader can I use?

You can find many options for this. However, several sites is selected for explain in this guide because they will also help you in the Forum:



How to use this uploaders?

Usually they are all the same :P there is an "Upload" button, you press it and after you select your files then click "Upload" (automatically or manually) and you can see your image's link. ⬇️


Lightshot - prnt.sc

First of all, enter the site: https://prnt.sc and It looks this.



As you can see in the first photo, you have two options. Press "Browse image" to select your photos or drag your images on the mentioned area:Screenshot-2.pngScreenshot-3.png



 After using one of these, you don't need to do anything, just look at "Uploading" and "Processing". 




And "Success!" You've successfully uploaded your photo and now you can copy and send this link to the platform you want. Screenshot-8.png




First of all, enter this site: https://postimages.org It looks this. 




If you want, you can resize it or add expiration date. But for now, click "Choose images" or drag to the mentioned area:Screenshot-2.png



After doing this, do not need to click "Upload" something, it starts automatically: 




And when it is completed, you will enter a page with lots of links. The page is Turkish but i translated it for you. Screenshot-6.png



Here, "Small image" or "Hotlink" links are not required for us. You can share "Link" and "Direct link" with someone.
Also "Direct link" can help you to makes your images visible in Forums, Screenshot-7.png



And that's it. Now you're ready to share your pictures with other users. And as I said at the first, these two sites will be enough for you because other sites work with the same system. And we explained how to show photos on the forum too. Hopefully this guide will be useful for everyone. You can send DM for any changes or requests.


Sincerely, XFMaster9666
Community Moderator


EmirhanU. - TruckersMP Forum Moderator

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Useful Links/Önemli Bağlantılar: TruckersMP Rules/Kuralları | Recrutiment/İşe alım | Knowledge-base/Bilgi bankası  | Forum Warning System/Uyarı Sistemi: [TR] [ENG] 


If you have questions, feel free to send Direct Message to me. // Eğer sorularınız varsa, bana Özel Mesaj gönderebilirsiniz.

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Image Can Be Shared On Discord.

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I usually share on discord, but it can be useful for me on this site, thanks.✌️

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