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Hey! So me and my friend made new profiles yesterday since we got bored and wanted to startover again. So we grinded for atleast 6-8 hours. And when i went back to the PC today and loaded up TMP my profile was gone? I created a new one and tried to look at all my profiles but there was just the one that i created 10 seconds before? This has happend to me 2-3 times by the time span of 2 days. Its really annoying since i dont really bother start from level 0 and work my way up again. Is there and easy solutions to this or do i just have to create a new profile and grind for a couple of hours? Thanks have a good day!

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Hello,  if you had Steam Cloud enabled, then go to:


Steam > Euro Truck Simulator 2 > Properties > Updates > Enable sync with Steam Cloud


Your save will be downloaded to your PC.

If your above don't work, use a save profile.



Kind Regards,


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Dear @RobinOfaT


Since your topic has been inactive for 3 days since the last reply,i will move your topic to Inactive Topics.

if you still need any help, you have  one  week to DM  me or other support team members,we will open this again.



Thanks for all participation!

Thank you  for your undetstanding!



//Locked and Moved to Inactive

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Hello There!
I'm going to move this topic to the unsolved section because it has been inactive again for another 2 days.
Do not hesitate to contact us again by creating another topic or a support ticket!


Thank you for understanding.



[TR] SkortiL

TruckersMP Support


//Moved to Unsolved Topics


SkortiL [TR] 


Create a Support Ticket / TruckersMP Rules / Feedback / Guides / Meet the Team


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