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Suggestion: Recording Time Report

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Suggestion Name: Recording Time Report

Suggestion Description: Minimum time to write a report (video)


Why should it be added?: I'm using Google Translate, if you don't understand something, I apologize.

Well, come on.
I am using this image as an example for you to better understand where I want to go.
I belonged to a server administration where players are often reported with video recordings, the minimum time is 2 minutes in 95% of cases.
Because? Simple, because we don't know what happened before what the whistleblower is accusing in the video, so a video of a certain amount of time is essential for all members of management to understand what is actually there.
I will detail here what is in the video: There is a player apparently disturbing the other, ok.
However, we can see that the video contains only 10 seconds, what could have happened before those 10 seconds? Exactly, many things. One of them is the main one, he made way for the other trucker, but he got in, but his recording is as if he had been disturbed.
However, if he had left the recording at least 1 minute (before the occurrence) this ban would not have happened. For the member of management who analyzed this report would know that the intention of the user was the best possible, to avoid general inconvenience to all who passed by.
My main suggestion is: Having a minimum time for a report in the recording, 1 to 2 minutes before what happened would be more than enough.
Or, if you start recording only when the user has broken a certain rule, then record from then on and management will know what steps to take. Just like me, an administrator on a server (not from ETS) know how to analyze the profile of a player.
Many are harmed because of these short videos, being limited to the unwillingness of the complainants not to show the true action in the video!
Again I apologize if you did not understand something on behalf of the google translator. I'm from Brazil!

I don't know if I actually posted where the suggestion should be if it's wrong. I apologize and have some management member move to the right place gratefully.


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Although we do not have a specific duration of footage required in order for a report to be accepted, the evidence must always show the full incident at hand, with ideally a few seconds before and after it as well to get a full picture of what happened.


If you believe a Game Moderator has not properly reviewed the footage or accepted a report with part of the evidence cut off, please report this to Game Management. 


Other than that, since we already have guidelines and requirements on the duration of an evidence clip and what needs to be shown, I will be accepting this suggestion.

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