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Hello to the European truck simulation 2 development team! I am a player from China, your game products are very good! I also have a certain understanding of the game and rules through your official website. In 2017, I came into contact with eurotruck simulation 2 and was deeply impressed by my more than 300 hours of game experience. I'd like to make some Suggestions for your adoption. Thank you very much! Here's a suggestion: Chinese players have high latency in games because they don't have close servers. There is a feeling of isolation! In 2017, there were many teams. At that time, I set up an alliance team of eurotruck 2 in mainland China. There were five teams in the alliance team, including my own team. There were more than 100 players in the league. The league team has only 5-20 gamers so far。Suggest adding administrator,Only in charge of the order of Chinese players。Get my league team back on track。Good luck and thank you。This recommendation has no pictures。

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Hello Dear @[ CEO ] > Ding Zong <


First of all thank you for sharing your suggestion with us. It is better to follow the required format when sharing a suggestion. 


Please follow this format:


Suggestion Name: 

Suggestion Description:

Any example images: 

Why should it be added?


I suggest you look here: 


Please update your suggestion soon or it will be rejected.


Thank you for understanding

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Thank you for bringing up your suggestion.


However, you have failed following our suggestion format and did not correct it.

Furthermore, we have Chinese Game Moderators as far as I know. And you are always allowed to report people ingame or on our website :)


Kind Regards,




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