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Suggestion Name: About The Community

Suggestion Description: A forum where forum users create their own introduction topic to get to know and interact with each other. There'd be (if needed/necessary) an optional/mandatory template & rules.

Any example images: 




Why should it be added?: To further bring the community together and meet new people and make friends. That would bring a closely integrated community. The topics would also serve as chats, where people can have a conversation about themselves, with their friends, or players they encountered, thus I believe it'd be a better option to disable post count in this forum once added to avoid unnecessary spam from users who look forward to increasing their post count. The downside of this is potential bullying and/or harassment, which I'm hoping we don't see.

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Hello @xenophobia

Thank you for your suggestion, however, we already have something similar to your idea! Each community has its own topic to introduce new members or to salute currently members of the Forum.

I will link here for you an example of the Portuguese Community topic: 


And this one in the Spanish Community: 

Regarding your suggestion, we have the Off Topic subforum, https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/10-off-topic-discussion/ where you can talk with the Community and show your thoughts with the people worldwide!


We will not proceed with this suggestion. It will be rejected.

Thank you!


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