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A button to add that is not exiting now


My internet is very (bad but i can't do anything about that) so my ping is very high. The server kicks me for having to high ping . The server already have a auto reconnect but after the 4th or 5th time it just stops trying. my idea is that you must make a button or a command (/join or /rejoin) to manually join again. maby you can get a better way to do this but a button or command will do just fine.


 This will not only help me but others with high ping to.




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Dear @ZombiePigman


Thank you for great suggestion, but this has been suggested before.

I'd appreciate it if you look at this topic first before suggesting anything.

"Reconnect button and changing servers without having to restart the game"




Nie ma magicznych skrótów do rozwiązania Twoich problemów.


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