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The idea for founding the Bulgarian Rose Company [BGR] came at the beginning of May.
For several months, I researched Bulgarian companies and came across 3 companies that agreed to join my idea and become a big family.
Here, today, 01.09.2019 this idea has come true and is already a fact.
Thank you all for being a part of our big Bulgarian family

We are a chilled team of well-experienced drivers, who play by the rules and obbey traffic laws. We pride ourselves on our good reputation among other international VTCs.

We offer:
-A nice relaxed family-friendly atmosphere.
-A chance for participation in our every-day drives; company, public and international convoys.
-Prospects for career development and winning prizes based on good performance on company and international level.
- A chance to make your ETS2 dreams come true by working with us on our company projects and implementing ideas and suggestions.

Get the best of the ETS2 & ATS driving experience by joining our VTC! Apply now

Applicants must:

-Be 17 or over.
-Have more than 240 hours game play time on Steam.
-Possess decent driving and parking skills.
-Take part in our convoys (whenever they can)

It is recommended that players have all map DLC`s

Optional DLC`s:

-Mighty Griffin tuning pack

-DAF tuning pack

-Heavy cargo

-Special Transport

-High-power cargo

-Wheel tuning pack

-Michelin fan pack


Discord server: CLICK HERE

Web site: Coming Soon




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6 hours ago, [ConSecGroup-CEO] Volvotrebla said:

I can definitely recommend Euro-Trans International. They have very friendly staff and weekly meetups!
Convoy Security Group is proud to be one of their top partners! Keep on trucking!

Convoy Security Group CEO,

Thank you very much for the beautiful words

6 hours ago, LikeWildFire said:

A shame about the playing hours (I have 121 hours only). I believe I would be an asset to the company.

You can visit our Discord Server after 19:00 GMT because I am active afterwards

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Guest Force_TMP

Good luck!

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