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  1. Hey there. Yeah, if you've done 10/10 cargos and 3/5 destinations, the next cargos to get the second achievement (easiest and shortest ones I could find) would be Berlin - Poznan (March 31st) and Amsterdam - Brussels (April 3rd).
  2. Ford F Max and Mercedes Actros with the mirror cameras
  3. Hey guys, I'm looking into which cargo has the highest value per distance so that I can make the most money out of a long haul. I've encountered Medical Vaccines for 88,16€ per distance, are there any other cargos worth more than that? Cheers!
  4. I also played MB Truck Racing, was a great game!
  5. LikeWildFire


    Don't be such a white knight. You do not have the right to do a job you are not qualified nor allowed to do. Even though you have good intention, you must remember that you're just a player and you must follow the rules. Think like this: When the police are trying to do something, do you deliberately interfere with their affairs in an effort to help them out when your help was not solicited? No, because they'd just arrest you for that. Same way that game mods or admins would ban you for interfering with their job.
  6. As per today, if you guys have 3/5 different destinations done, the next cargos to do are Berlin - Poznan and Amsterdam - Brussel which are the shortest routes possible to each destination respectively Hope you guys enjoy the livery!
  7. Should have changed by now, last cargo to win the first prize, then I'll be on my way to win that sweet livery
  8. I disagree with a free for all server, ETS2 is not meant to be a demolition derby game :/
  9. LikeWildFire

    Secret project

    I've never had any issues with TMP when I first started. I think I signed up for it to play with a friend, but didn't get into it much until now
  10. I figured that would be the case. Smart.
  11. That load isn't spawning at the moment
  12. @everyone be advised, the Bratislava cargo is not spawning due to the destination being the same (Bratislava)
  13. I've done all cargoes but the one from Bratislava, but since the current destination is Bratislava, I cannot get that last cargo to spawn on External contracts. Anyone else with this issue?
  14. @gamerleon04 This event is on the World of Trucks webpage. You must link your ETS2 profile to a World of Trucks account @Digital Thanks for the tip! I didn't know I can't wait to get that racing paintjob livery! I'm eager to see how it looks like!
  15. Hi guys, The MP activity is so overflowed that it's impossible to do the event cargos online. Better do it in Single Player or, if you hate the AI traffic, you can also get kicked by turning off your headlights and drive for 15 seconds. This helped me avoid the massive traffic jam into Paris. Also, just a small tip for you guys, the best way to win the event is to do 2 cargos per destination 2x5=10 This will win you both the standard WoT achievement as well as the special one for the 5 different destinations. Did you get caught up in the traffic jam in Paris? How did you get out of that mess?
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