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Winter Mod Not Working In Multiplayer

Tiz Neon


So I've put both the frost_7_0.scs and the frosty_heavy_winter_7_0.scs in the "mod" folder and I firstly went into singleplayer and it worked fine. But when I went into multiplayer (EU2), it wouldn't work. I checked to make sure I had seasonal effects turned on and I did. I've tried taking the files out of the folder and putting them back in again but still no luck. Any ideas on how to fix? Thanks.


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Hello @ItzNeon39 

I see you haven't mentioned that you have frosty physics mod which is needed currently to make it work. Make sure that you have all 3 files in Documents/ETS2MP/mod folder ( frosty , heavy winter , physics ) and also do not add any other mods to the folder.

if you are still having troubles, you should see this installation guide video below: 

If you are having problems even after doing everything like in the video, try re-downloading all 3 files again, because maybe they are corrupted.

Best regards,

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Hey @ItzNeon39,


You need to put them into the "ETS2MP" folder located in your Documents




In that folder you may find a folder named "mod", if not you need to create a folder called "mod"




Then paste the files into this folder :) 




I hope this helps you :wub:


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Dear @ItzNeon39


1 hour ago, ItzNeon39 said:

Actually nevermind I know what I did wrong!

I would like to know if your problem has been solved?

Your confirmation of the status of your issue helps us keep the forum always organized!

I await your return!

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I would like to thank you for taking the time to make this topic. As well as this, thank you for letting us know that your problem has been resolved. In future feel free to create a new topic if you ever need any further assistance.


As for now - I will now be moving this topic to solved to keep the forums organised. 


//locked & moved to solved

Kind regards,


TruckersMP Senior Support Manager


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remember we were staring up to those peaks on the horizon +x


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