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Overtaking on the hard shoulder?



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Not really. Though overtaking on the shoulder is reckless, that's a kickable offense on the most. It will only become bannable and thus, worthy of a report if the player who's using the shoulder to pass another player causes an accident. For example, let's say Player B overtakes you by driving through the shoulder and he rams you as he passes. That's a bannable offense to which I would give 5 days of ban for reckless driving/inappropriate overtaking+ramming. Otherwise, if no collision would have happened in this example and/or no other accident was caused due to Player B's actions, I'd just kick said player.

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Some people should really get a license before even thinking about buying Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator. Drive safely, folks!



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Hi, @RockingRPG
Dangerous Driving probably <_< report here if you have video record evidence:  https://truckersmp.com/reports

Additional info
 Inappropriate / Reckless Driving*
Driving in such a way that is considered unsafe, driving backwards, the wrong way, failing to yield, racing other users (except for the Arizona race track), ignoring other players and rules. Driving outside of the map boundaries. This includes spots inaccessible by normal driving. Attempting to use desync in order to cause damage to another users vehicle is forbidden.


If these steps have helped solve the problem that you have experienced, please let us know by this point that we will help other friends who have this problem. :)

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1 hour ago, RockingRPG said:

where you pull up on the freeway).

Since you say that, no that is not reckless driving if he/she is driving onto the highway (going the ramp) you should make your way to the left lane to make room for someone driving onto a ramp interring the right lane. In the case, you didn't drive to the left lane you stayed in your place causing someone to overtake on the shoulder. However, it is quite hard to see your prospective. Maybe provide a video?

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Dear @RockingRPG


Some great answers have been given,has your problem been solved?

And i think th best answer has been given by our game mod @Mike Dragon ,if your problem is solved,you can mark the best answer.

Your confirmation of the status of your issue helps us keep the forum always organized

Please let us know!



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