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  1. 268. I mainly use them for a business experience and getting round the map easily. Shame if that is the case..
  2. I'm trying to hire some drivers via the recruitment agency but it keeps saying "Come back tomorrow!" It's been like this for days and I don't know what to do..
  3. A fee won't help at all. But I reckon more moderators would
  4. You can only see them in the same server (Europe 2 for example) and meet them at the same city. They will be a different icon on your satnav
  5. Happy Birthdayyyy

    You are now 38 I believe?

  6. In Beyond the Baltic Sea, is the Trams still running when using TMP? I was asking since the mod removes AI I'm just a light railway fan, thats why
  7. Damn, It's 1st December. 2018 has gone way too quickly imo

    1. BL4CK$K1LL


      Yup, time flies

  8. 1.33 time. Time to play that first before downgrading 

    1. FernandoCR [ESP]

      FernandoCR [ESP]

      Careful... If you play 1.33 and then downgrade to play MP, you can find that your profile is not compatible and need to load a pre-1.33 savegame.

  9. Hey, welcome to the forum :) 

  10. Train Sim World Roblox CSGO Minecraft Metro 2033/Last Light
  11. Welcome to the TMP Forum :) 

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