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Change only the quality of the dashboard



So i am one of those people who are playing on a potato PC and using low graphics settings, though i wonder if its possible somehow to just higher the dashboard quality (the speedometer, milage, fual amount) somehow as i would love to see the milage and fuel left?

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Hello there;


for a more detailed view, you need to raise the image quality. and a need strong computer to get a high quality image.


Best Regards;


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hey @KevannSwe, i play on a potato laptop and this is what i do, have everything on low settings for Truckersmp, have scaling to 100%, fix my player model to a closer distance where i can see the dash clearer and also my left mirror. Also, you can use interior zoom in cam to help get a clearer image every now and then or to see the road ahead of you.


  Here are some things to try out and see if it works for you, it works for me but i lag when there is about 25+ players around me so yeah :D

This is what my cab looks like, it looks more clearer in game but yeah :D38C3F466CA294AC2499C67F5D4DC6265A192C5E0


Here is a guide to help with fps too https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1300836306


=> 100% the image is rendered at the Resolution you have chosen above. Under 100% will gain FPS but make the image very blurry and going above 100% will lose FPS.

High Dynamic range (HDR)

=> ON
Here you need to test, sometimes OFF is better, but you lose in quality, and game become too "dark" (less effects, all climates, days, ... seems to be the same, game become boring)

Depth of field (DOF)

=> ON
On is not that noticeable. OFF will gain a few FPS.

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1 minute ago, KevannSwe said:

It was, thanks!

Hello =) 


Thanks for your help and for your answer KevannSwe ;) 

Have a great evening :)




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