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Hello. I've been playing multiplayer in ETS 2 for some time, but the speed limiter trigger me. I switched off the speed limiter in the settings on the TAB button, I removed the speed limiter in the ETS 2 settings. I still could not drive a car faster than 150 km/h on the highway, so I checked it in ETS 2 settings and still (after removing) I had the speed limiter checked . It turned out that after exiting the ETS 2 settings, the speed limiter option is restored (only this speed limiter, other options do not reboot). How do I turn off automatic selection of this field?

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Dear @maksymilian197,

We have added a speed limit that cannot exceed 150km since this is a simulator and not a racing game.

I hope you understand our situation!

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Hello there,


Welcome to TMP!


This is a common questioned asked and here is a post that goes into some detail as to why:



Hope this helps,




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Hello @maksymilian197


Has Lorena answered your question? Also if you have any other questions, please ask away as we are here to help :)


We look forward to your reply!

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Kind regards,


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Hello, TMP has limited the maximum speed to 150km/h earlier this year to avoid accidents caused by overspeeding. If you play in single player mode the speed limiter in ETS2/ATS settings will allow you to drive over 90km/h and there is no max limit. However, if you play in multiplayer mode your speed will be limited to 150km/h.


Hope this helps :)

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Problem solved. Thanks to everyone.


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