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TruckersMP - Engine and Gear Change Tutorial

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In this guide i'm going to show you how you can change your truck's engine and transmisson. 
If you follow's the guide perfectly, you will learn it.

*Make sure that, in your config.cfg file writings same with that's : 

-| Go Document's
-| Find "Euro Truck Simulator 2" and click it.
-| Open "config.cfg" file with notepad
-| Find that's and change with your's if they're different :

uset g_developer ---> set to 1
uset g_save_format ----> set to 2
uset g_console -----> set to 1

Then watch to video and follow the step's : 


You only need to download this file to access the codes and sll file : 

I hope this guide help you :) 

Best Regards,

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