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  1. Zippy405

    ProMods release

    Ok, thanks. I thought so but couldn't remember.
  2. Zippy405

    ProMods release

    Is trailer & company pack supported too or just middle east? Can't remember, sorry.
  3. Do you know, I see you can swap engines and transmissions from another truck, but can you edit the standard SCS rear differential ratios for the base game transmissions? Is that allowed or could we look forward to seeing it be allowed in the near future? Picture shows what I'm referring to. Thank you in advance. Edit: It appears SCS has these differential ratios already in the files but it's like only one can be chosen at a time for each transmission.
  4. Will there be a temporary patch for MP until a decision is made and implemented into the MP? There is the convoy on the 17th and I cannot remove the update(thanks Windows 10 lol) so i am currently unable to play MP.
  5. Does anyone know, has the snow ever effected driving physics? I hope so lol but either way is a nice touch. Imagine heavy hauls on C-D with reduced traction XD
  6. probably not, it doesnt snow often in the desert lol. if they did the only believable place is northern California currently lol it would be rather odd driving thru AZ, NV, or NM in snow lol
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