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  1. Short clip, not as fun as others, but it made me giggle. Illegal racing! Clip My retarder acting up... (excuses). Clip Ok.
  2. IMO this isn't ban-worthy, however if you can't perform an emergency brake, you're doing something wrong. Learn from it.
  3. Check GPS, if clear, check TAB. If there's anyone in the list, I won't. It's not like I'm in a race or something.
  4. happymeso

    Como Filmar?

    Buenas, @Pardoo97 1- Yo uso el OBS y Twitch. Sin ningún tag, con lo cual estoy prácticamente en "privado" y de esta forma hago que los videos se graben y queden en el sitio de Twitch por 14 días (gratis), por si llegara a necesitar. 2- Cuando usas el panel "TAB" dentro del juego, y reportas a alguien, el sistema automáticamente genera una pequeña demo de lo sucedido, con lo cual, el admin o mod que vea tu caso va a tener el video a su disposición sin que vos tengas que grabar nada. El problema de este sistema, es que hay muchas zonas horarias que quedan desprotegidas, de manera que tu reporte va a quedar sin resolver. En este caso, es cuando aplicas la opción 1, y si ya tienes el video grabado y REALMENTE merece la pena, lo reportas vía web.
  5. Let's see. + Robust, typical MAN. + No useless luxury. + Customization. + Engine Sound. + Low fuel consumption with a proper 12speed 3.08 tipmatic gearbox. - Turbo sound, although good, it will make your ears bleed after a while without music. - Dashboard, really... a smartwatch is bigger and has more info. - Retarder is weak with any gearbox, after 15t. Overall I like it
  6. I'm using a quite old Logi DFGT, and I fixed the brake sens with a triangle of foam . There are a lot of YT guides on how to fix yours, it won't be foam-easy but you'll get it done. Apparently it is quite common.
  7. I usually don't. I'm one of those boring truckers going @ 90 km/h.
  8. I haven't played that much, really, but I believe the system is good. It works. Game Mods will review the demo and do what they think is best, with a mature approach like you said. Communication-wise, it is always a good idea. When it works, it feels good but it doesn't always. We're humans and we react in many different ways, even while playing games. And even then, you know how many languages are being spoken in-game... You can always give it a try, but it won't be easy. So if your aim is to make players change their minds even a little bit, and think before they do something that can't be undone, forcing rules is not the way to go, imho. However I will follow your initiative and try to be more talkative... with the tools at my disposal, at least until they answer. If IRL, after so many mirrors crashed and fights I had to learn how to be more tolerant before I ended up in the hospital or even dead, I think I can do it in a game
  9. Sweden and Norway. (and I'd love to be able to drive in Spain)
  10. I'd love to give it a try, however it will probably be a mess. Not sure about AI trucks, tho.
  11. Braindead drivers / truckers happen to be out there IRL as well... I personally don't mind to come across some of them every now and then, and finding myself trying to figure out how to avoid the problem. I'm fairly new and I know it sucks, but it's a part of the game.
  12. Usually around 2 hours every day, but on weekends I haul like a mofo.
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