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  1. I really don't mind. I will always drive as fast as the road allows, so 80-90. We could argue about simulation and arcade but at the end of the day it is how you play it. It was fun back then when mostly everyone flew by me at 150kmh... even with stability at max they'd flip and have accidents quite often. Good videos came out thanks to them.
  2. They usually do bring it back as soon as winter literally start.
  3. They could make a profit of it, why not.
  4. So, long story short, in this version (1,46) it's simply not working. Now you can close it and have a preceful day.
  5. In most cases yes, but you're wrong, it was possible without a mod. FYI it was something they introduced with the adaptive cruise control. When activated, you could use your regular cruise control below 30kmh. Thanks for your opinion. Yes, yes and yes. You are correct, however it was a feature that worked even while not registering other players. I'm not asking about ACC itself. Thanks for trying. Seriously? If you fear that by leaving it open some bugs will get in or something it's fine, do what you must. Kind regret, me.
  6. Hey, I've been using it up until the last update and even though g_acc doesn't work on TMP, slow speed cc was working just fine. Now for some reason I cannot make it work... can anyone confirm it still does or if it was changed within the game itself? Thanks.
  7. intel i5, old 1080, 32gb ram, ssd. i'm fine everywhere, ultra everything, 400% scale, no problem... except when I come across a christmas fvcking truck with 150 flashing lights in the hood, bonett, roof, wherever... them fvcking flashing lights chew my fps like there's no tomorrow and I can't find a solution.
  8. DAF XF & Peterbilt 579. Still have'em both.
  9. Sweet, thanks. Still works in ATS. The only downside I can think of is the engine and engine brake sound changes as well... Is there a way to change them back?
  10. Buenas, @Pardoo97 1- Yo uso el OBS y Twitch. Sin ningún tag, con lo cual estoy prácticamente en "privado" y de esta forma hago que los videos se graben y queden en el sitio de Twitch por 14 días (gratis), por si llegara a necesitar. 2- Cuando usas el panel "TAB" dentro del juego, y reportas a alguien, el sistema automáticamente genera una pequeña demo de lo sucedido, con lo cual, el admin o mod que vea tu caso va a tener el video a su disposición sin que vos tengas que grabar nada. El problema de este sistema, es que hay muchas zonas horarias que quedan desprotegidas, de manera que tu reporte va a quedar sin resolver. En este caso, es cuando aplicas la opción 1, y si ya tienes el video grabado y REALMENTE merece la pena, lo reportas vía web.
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