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What do you think about the 2018 Summer Weekend event


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  1. 1. How did you find the convoy Summer Weekend Day 1 on ETS

    • Convoy Summer Weekend Day 1 was interesting
    • Convoy Summer Weekend Day 1 Summer Bien
    • I did not like the Convoy Weekend Day 1 at all
  2. 2. Comment avez vous trouvez le convoi Summer Weekend Day 2 sur ATS

    • The convoy Summer Weekend Day 2 was interesting
    • Convoy Summer Weekend Day 2 Summer Bien
    • I did not like the Convoy Weekend Day 2 at all

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Hello everyone ,

I created a small series of questions, to be able to have your opinions on the event 2018 Summer Weekend.

Hope you have had a good time with our team, which took a long time to prepare this event. I'll let you answer the questions :)

Thank you beforehand


besides I would like to add that if some people want to give their opinion on what could be improved do not hesitate to write it! We are listening

Cdt, Trucking French

Thanks to @Digital  :) 

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Loved the ATS convoy, excellent route, good organization. Would be better if TruckersMP streamed the ATS event aswell. In overral was a nice event, looking foward for more events like this one :) 

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1 day:
1) The convoy was very good! Route and organization is super!

2) The search lost truckers - the idea is good, but it was terrible. Not enough information, most do not understand what to do. Three winners for 150 players - a bad idea

3) The idea of racing is very good, but again implemented badly. Very slow. Players waited 3 hours, not understanding what was happening. Very few races during this time.

On the stream, everyone watched Horizon dinner instead of racing. The system of selection for races is not clear, it is better to choose in advance and not to force to wait for the rest.


2 day:

ATS team coped better with the organization of races. A bad idea is a route around the city. The grid of streets is confusing. it is better to race on the routes


Positive feedback you have enough. I wrote about limitationsB)

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