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Speed limiter stuck enabled in a no speed limiter server



Hello, i got a problem today.  I joined the Europe 2 server (without speed limiter) i cant drive faster than 90kmh but when i unmark the speedlimiter and quit the settings it marks itself on enabled again and i cant find any solution. and it is very anoying.. very!

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This may be more than one cause, please check the steps;


  • First of all, do not get the job called "External Contract", which limits your speed to 90 km / h.
  • Remove "Speed Limiter" from the TAB Menu.
  • The EU 1 Server limits your speed to 90 km / h.
  • Also, remove the Speed Limit from the game files.

Just open C:\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\profiles\ and navigate into the folder of your current profile. Open 'config.cfg' with a Text Editor, search for the line "uset g_use_speed_limiter" and make sure to put a "0" next to it. Then save and close the config-file and check if your speed limiter keeps disabled now


Best regards.


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Hello @NerdyCreeper123, and first of all, welcome to the forums!


I have nothing to add to the answers that are already given. They are all correct.


However, I do have one question for you: is your question solved now? Let us know by marking the best answer.


Thanks a lot!




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