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Steam username in profile settings does not correspond with steam



Hello everyone,


I added my steam username to my account this afternoon. When i clicked the link on the view user page i was linked to a different steam user, who almost has the exact steam username as me. the difference is the following: SuperSpeed2000  (mine) or superspeed 2000 (theirs). The difference is a space. How can i solve this issue?


Best regards, Leon

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When you enter your info on Your TruckersMP settings site you're not supposed to enter your nickname but your community URL, if you have a custom URL in your steam profile settings you can also use that.

You have entered Superspeed2000 which is your profile name but multiple people can have the same name. However only one person have your community ID which is 76561198208505459 .

Just enter that and you'll be good.

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You liked a custom steam url. In your case 



Anyone can assign a custom steam profile url.

  1. Hover over your nickname
  2. Click on profile
  3. Click "Edit Profile"
  4. Edit the "profile-URL" field. In my case it looks like this E0KPWtbAQtC0tijBA0_AMw.png



As said, anyone can do that. Duplicate urls are not possible. However, if you unassigned that custom url, someone else might have used it in the while you doidn't use it. So it links to an other profile than yours

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Well... that's indeed a weird bug.


It seems like your steam profile can be only found by using the SteamID, and not by the name in the link.


But it's just the link on the website... your TruckersMP Account is still connected to your Steam account (=ID), and not to the stranger's one...



If you visit helper.mp and search for your TMP profile there, you will see that the correct Steam account is linked... so it's just a bug of the truckersmp.com page.

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