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Building upon Krashnz's game status


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***I tired to look around before making this suggestion but didn't find anything for this specific topic but if there is please feel free to post it.*** :D

Suggestion Name: Online icon for forum members in-game

Suggestion Description: To further build upon Krashnz's new update to his tool (if he doesn't have a problem with it) so that instead of showing "Online" in a signature it can now be incorporated on the forum display pictures to show who's in-game with a green circle.

Any example images: Sua_q_D9Sk2DGWkvN7EJQA.png <<-- Online in-game   ||   Online on forums only ---> ElXwe2GzQ_KR9yqe67v-ug.png    || Offline --> UO91CsEAQ4akX30MEU4HTw.png

Why should it be added?: Allows for further integration of TMP Services and since the tool is already available I feel that the foundation has been laid.

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