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How to get the same cargo



I saw multiple groups driving at the same time , and they all had same cargo. How can i and my friend get same cargos , so we dont have to search for cargo to same destination for like 1 hour. 

Do i have to make an organization , if yes , let me know how.


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There are many ways that you can get the same load as another player in-game.


To start with, I recommend that you check out Virtual Speditor

It allows you to create custom jobs and obtain any trailer that you want.


Another way is by using WorldOfTrucks contracts

If you and a friend use them, you will be most likely be able to obtain the same job.


Lastly, feel free to check out ETS2Sync.

It is a program designed to allow people to have the same jobs via the same game saves.

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First of all you need to have or not have the same dlc, so if one of you puts the save file in your scandinavian dlcsi, it will not work. After that one of you choose a load and park in a suitable area, then exit the throne. Then upload the save file named "53656D696863616E" in the My Documents> Euro Truck Simulator 2> Profiles file in .rar format and then give it to your friend. The person who receives the Save file will still import the file named "53656D696863616E" into the My Documents> Euro Truck Simulator 2> Profiles file, in the .rar file it received.

Note: If you have saved the person settings etc. If you do not want to do it again, you should copy the "controls.sii" and "config.cfg" files in your save file and put them into the save file you got.

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