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[ TEE-FR ] qlimaxzy

99.99% Savegame with all DLCs : MP READY

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Hello everyone !

I'm "new" on ETS:2, and i was really looking for a 100% savegame, a savegame with all the map discovered, all garages, all truck dealers, etc etc. But i saw there was nothing for people with Going East, Scandinavia, and Vive la France DLCs.. So I asked some people if they could share their savegame, but nobody agreed... So i choose to create my own savegame and share it with you !

Doesn't matter if you're new or not on ETS:2, if you need a savegame, this one is for you ! This savegame got all garages (5 places, large size), every truck dealers, all the map discovered, etc etc ! 
You can choose between 4 saves : no money - 1 million - 25 millions and 500 millions, depends on what you're looking for !


That's not really a 100% savegame, there is some compagnies not discovered in Torino (ITA) to let you have the steam succes for 100%.

DOWNLOAD LINK ON GOOGLE DRIVE : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0s2h8cfGbypcDBKQ0Q3UUFZUnc

Have fun on the road !

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Guest ChrisPatrol
On 7/31/2017 at 7:17 AM, [ TEE-FR ] qlimaxzy said:

Hmmm, someone could approve this ? And why i do need an approval on my topic/answers now ? 

Thanks !

Sorry for the delay, Guides have to be approved to make sure they are of good quality.

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