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Hi there,


I'm still new to the game, new to the multiplayer mod and kinda new to any modding in general for that matter. I've had read through this forum and other searches but still don't quite understand. 


The main question I have on my mind is: What exactly is an in game company for multiplayer and what purpose do they serve?


From the information I've gathered it sounds like it's a form of serious roleplay that adds a lot more work through the use of third party sites and mods. Also some seem to add some form of benefit like I noticed unique skins being a common thing, are all benefits purely cosmetic? 

I've never really been much of a roleplayer and interaction is definitely not my forte but I'm curious about this sort of thing after seeing a groups convoy in game which actually looked kinda impressive and fun. 


Am I also correct in guessing that the wording above a players truck goes something along the lines of: Country Flag, Company or Group name, Their Username and then Their unique numerical ID to the server?


Cheers for your time.



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Hi, first of all welcome to multiplayer. 


What you are talking about is a VTC (Virtual Trucking Company). VTC's are primarily around to form a community, as well as to simulate a realistic trucking company where other players can drive together, complete jobs, setup convoys or events for the community or the VTC itself and even for the purpose of learning management skills and communication skills.


All the details are listed below, regarding how to set one up as well as what exactly VTC's are: 


You can also look around and join a VTC of your choice, which is found here: https://www.trucksim.org/forums/virtual-trucking-companies.11/  or via the TruckersMP forums under the "companies" in the ETS2 / ATS sections.   


The idea you have about "wording above players names" - This is called the 'player tag'. 


You have a player tag which you can set by pressing  TAB on your keyboard, then by going to the settings where you can find on the bottom left of the tab menu box. You can now change your tag to whatever you want. You can put anything in here ( Just be careful about what you set the tag to since there are some rules which you need to follow, found in the TruckersMP rules under the " Username/Tag " section.  https://truckersmp.com/rules ) 



Once again - welcome to TruckersMP, enjoy it! 






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Thanks for the reply @EnLight

Sounds like something I might be interested in if I wanted a more in depth and genuine playing experience. Think for now though I might give it some time being new and all, started from scratch as I don't really like giving myself an advantage so low level / cash flow. 


In regards to the tag am I very glad you cleared that up. I thought Everything to do with that was automatic and you couldn't change it. This explains why I see players with their VTC in their name etc. 


Sweet, I think I understand the gist of it all better.


Cheers dude.

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